How to find a producer for music

how to find a producer for music

Music Producers: What They Do and How to Find One

Dec 03,  · How to Find a Music Producer Method 1 of 3: Searching for Local Producers Download Article. Tell your family and friends that you’re looking for a Method 2 of 3: Contacting Producers Online Download Article. Contact producers through Instagram. Go to %(5). LoudUp is a social network for everything music, which means you can take advantage of the Producers section to find a producer to work with. Start with the Filter Results drop down menu on the left. You'll get a big list of ways to filter for the exact type of producer you need including one within a certain distance of your location or based on your preferred genres.

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This article has been viewed 9, times. Learn more Music producers oversee the entire production process of a single song or an entire record. Search your local music scene and personal networks to find local producers in your area or look farther afield using the Internet.

Once you find a producer or several that you might want to work with, get to know them a bit in order to choose the best producer for your musical style and goals. Tip : If you live in a city with a big music scene, you might be able to find studios that offer demo services to help artists record their first professional demos. For example, Nashville, Tennessee, has studios for recording country music demos.

For instance, some producers just want to sell beats and make money, whereas others might be more into collaborating with an artist they really like and then making money together when a song blows up. Tip : Finding a music producer is kind of like finding a partner for a relationship. You need to find someone you click with, who not only has technical skills but also understands you and your music and is committed to helping you record the best tracks you can.

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Make sure that everyone in your personal network knows you are interested in finding a producer to record with. You never know who might have a connection to a producer and be able to put you in contact with them. You might be able to find producers locally through them. Inquire at local colleges and universities that have music programs.

Look online to get the contact info for the music departments at nearby colleges and universities. Reach out to them via phone or email and ask if they have producers who work as professors there. Find out what producers other artists you know or admire use.

Ask any other local artists you know what producers they use or if they can put you in touch with some producers they know of that match your style. Check the production how to find a producer for music for albums or songs you like and try to find the contact info for the producers.

You probably have a better chance of getting in touch with a producer that works with a singer you personally know than one who worked on the latest 1 single on the radio.

Ask local recording studios what producers work there. Call or email local recording studios and inquire whether they have in-house producers that you could potentially work with. Some studios offer production services how to fix dry damaged hair addition to renting studio time. You could then try to find out what producers those artists worked with locally either by asking them or looking at the production credits for their songs.

Method 2 of Contact producers through Instagram. Go to the search bar in Instagram and search for hashtags like need beats, send beats, and beat video to pull up some profiles of producers. Check out some profiles and listen to their music to find a potential match, then send a direct message saying you like their sound and might be interested in working with them.

Look for producers on YouTube. Browse SoundCloud to find producers. Browse different profiles and listen to lots of music to find someone with a sound you like, then message them and ask if they would be interested in working with you. Search online directories of producers for producers in your area. Browse some different directories and look for producers in your area or that produce the type of music you want to make, then find their contact details and reach out about working together.

Songwriter Universe also has a list of producers and studios in various regions across the U. Post online to try and get producers to reach out to you. Look for music production forums or pages on social media. Make posts in these types of online communities introducing yourself and saying that you are looking for a music producer to work with. Method 3 of Listen to work the producer has done to decide if they match your style.

Listen to instrumentals as well as any fully-produced tracks that a producer you are interested in working with has made. This will help you determine whether you think they are right for the type of music that you want to make.

You can also find published music of theirs on a platform like Spotify. For instance, if you want to record rap songs, you might be better off finding a producer who has made types of beats similar to your style, rather than a producer who produces electronic music. Keep in mind that some producers can handle many different styles of music, so this is just one factor to consider. Call the producer up or meet them in person to conduct a casual interview.

Ask about the studio they work in, the equipment they use, any special capabilities or limitations they have, and anything else relevant to how to find a producer for music type of music you want to record. Ask if they have any instruments there to use or have contacts who can come play instruments for recording. Many producers can make world-class music with very limited equipment. There are also work-arounds for certain things like getting live drums or other parts of a track recorded elsewhere and sent over.

Choose a producer that is located nearby if you want to record a lot with them. The location of a producer matters most if you plan on building a lasting relationship with them or if you have a limited budget.

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Find Music Producers Online

Major Websites To Find Amazing Music Producers:;;; Upwork; Fiverr; Peopleperhour; Local search. Check out local bands and artists. Go to clubs in your area that feature the kind of music you want to record. Or look up your local music scene on the web to see who’s playing, then check out their music tiktokdat.comted Reading Time: 5 mins. Feb 16,  · Where do you find a music producer? Local search – Check out local bands and artists. Go to clubs in your area that feature the kind of music you want to record. Or look up your local music scene on the web to see who’s playing, then check out their music online. The big clubs will host touring acts on tiktokdat.comted Reading Time: 7 mins. First, you have to take into consideration the style of electronic music production that appeals most to you. If you are into house or techno, it may be a little too hard to find producers that produce tracks in that style, but if you prefer a more melodic sound, then a different type of style may not be a bad idea.

Gone are the days when a group of musicians sat in a studio and played while someone pressed the record button. Tracks are now recorded separately and mixed together. Now producing is complex and highly technical with 24 to 48 track studios, sampling, loops, harmonies, string arrangements, squeaky toys, you name it. You can use an online music service like StudioPros. They will record individual instruments for you or a complete arrangement and mix.

Have your reference tracks ready. At the very least, give them the genre and one reference that are close to the feel, energy, and style you want. You can have StudioPros do the mix or you can mix at a local studio and add your own vocal. Above all, keep the reins in your hands. Learn as you go, so you can become your own producer or the best music partner a producer could ever work with.

Check out local bands and artists. Go to clubs in your area that feature the kind of music you want to record.

The big clubs will host touring acts on weekends. Look at the schedule for weeknights and open mic nights. When you find artists in a style that matches yours, contact them and ask about the producer and musicians they use or look for the CD credits. Local studios are a good hunting ground, too. Find out who has recorded there. Ask about producers. Get the names of CDs and go listen to music. When you find the style and quality you want to make a note of the producer and musicians.

Check out YouTube. Look for independent artists with songs similar to yours. There are plenty of producers who will say they can handle your style. Try to keep the production simple, the price low, and give feedback often. For example There are some excellent Nashville demo studios for Country songs. When you find a demo service, check out their music samples. Check out reviews online. If the recording puts across the emotion and energy of the song, it may be all you need.

You can add other instruments later. However, no one recommends you rely on production to save a poor song.

Producers are freelance and can have their own agents who negotiate fees and deals with record companies. Producers command large fees and are usually hired by the record company to work with an artist.

But producers will work with unsigned artists if they think they are going to be successful later on. In this case, the producer will take no fee or a reduced fee in return for payment when they get a record deal or a publishing deal. There are also those who are just starting out in production who are looking for bands or artists to work with.

You may be able to spot a rising talent yourself and both benefit each other. The other option is to produce yourself and look for an engineer to do all the technical stuff.

Engineers work with producers in a studio. They set up the recording equipment and do a lot of the technical legwork in a studio. Many producers start out as engineers and then go on to the more creative production job, probably after having been given a break by a studio to produce a few up and coming artists.

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If you want to find a producer you can do it a number of ways: Online Production Services You can use an online music service like StudioPros. Provide reference tracks. Be prepared to explain your vision for each song section. Be as specific as you possibly can. Freelancer Producer And Music Production Agencies Producers are freelance and can have their own agents who negotiate fees and deals with record companies. Find Music Producer For Free There are also those who are just starting out in production who are looking for bands or artists to work with.

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