How to find my simple mobile account number

how to find my simple mobile account number

Signing In to Simple

It’s not the same as your Simple Mobile online account username. Your Simple Mobile account number uses the last digits of the SIM ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier), the number printed on your SIM card. If you originally activated with a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), your Simple Mobile account number comes from the SIM card number. Any phone you bought from Simple Mobile might . We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow more.

Click on a keyword below to receive a text with information to. Accont you want to receive this information on a different phone number, click here to enter that number.

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To check if your device is 5G capable, text the word 5G to or click here. To stay connected with the latest news, text BLOG to or click here. To check if your phone is compatible with our network, text the word BYOP to or click here. To get help through chat, text the word CHAT to or click here.

To see available deals, text the word DEAL to or click here. To stop receiving unwanted phone calls, text the word DNC to or click here. To get the last four digits of your serial number, text the word FOUR to or click here.

To access a self-service menu with a list of all our help keywords, text the word HELP to or click here. Text the word LOST to or click here. To change your phone number, text the word MINC to or click here. To transfer your number from another company or activate your service with a new number text PORT to or click here. To add airtime, text the word Myy to or click here. For details about international roaming included with your service plan, text the word ROAM to or click here. To learn how to install a sim card into your phone, text the Word SIM to or click here.

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How do I find my Simple Mobile account number? Go to the Simple Mobile Website Unlimited Mobile, No Contract Cell Phone Plans | Simple Mobile Login On the “My Account” page it wills a “account number” at the top. No matter your account type, your account number is easy to find! Postpaid consumer accounts Online My T-Mobile. Log in to My T-Mobile with your T-Mobile ID. View your account number at the top center of the welcome screen. Paper bill. View your account number at the top-right corner of the first page of your bill. Prepaid accounts. To add a line to your account, text the word MULTILINE to or click here. To transfer your mobile number to a new device, text the word TRANSFER to or click here. TUTORIAL. Airtime expires after days of last use or 30 days after your Simple Mobile Service is suspended, whichever occurs first. Available online only.

This is a brief overview of Simple Mobile and how to get the information you will need if you wish to port your phone number out to a different company.

This number is used to identify your account with the carrier, and you must have it in order to keep your number and port it to another carrier. Your account number is also listed under the My Simple Mobile login online. In that case, call customer service around AM 7 days a week in order to get ahold of an actual person.

Once you are on the line, press these numbers to navigate through the automated menus to a live rep: Then you can ask for the info you need. Simple Mobile typically emails you the PIN number when you activate, so you may have to dig through old messages and check the spam folder to find it.

Note that you cannot view your PIN on your online account login. If you forgot it, you can call customer service and have them resend it or call you back on your active line to verify.

For many accounts, your online password and account service PIN will be the same. The process for how to find My Simple Mobile account number and password is listed above. You can reset your My Simple Mobile online account password through their password recovery feature.

They will email you a link to reset your forgotten password. You can file a Simple Mobile port out request from your new wireless provider using the Simple Mobile account info you gathered above. There is a porting department listed above, which is the Simple Mobile transfer number you might need in case the port request stalls.

Make sure you have paid off your remaining balance before porting out. Then give them a call to make sure your number is released for porting. You must have the correct ZIP code for a succesful port. They can verify the active device via text, then give you the correct activation ZIP code. If your plan cycle ends, you could have up to 30 days before that number is fully deactivated and lost forever.

If a third party learns how to get a Simple Mobile account number, they may use that account information to steal your personal data. Keep an eye out for any suspicious calls or messages on your cell phone.

Switch from Simple Mobile, keep your number! No contract. No hidden fees. Switch Now. Close Panel.

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