How to get better at competitive sniping

how to get better at competitive sniping

Play in practice range with the sniper rifle for hourssss quick scoping, grapple hooking + jumping + quick scoping, strafe/jump/crouch all while trying to shoot the moving bots, move your mouse all over the place and try to instantly headshot bots. It will help improve your twitch reflexes. Mar 19,  · How do i get better at competitive sniping on mw2? Im really good at competitive sniping but when i did a clan match today my friend who isnt as good as me did better than me. how do i get better. Update: Yes I meant quickscoping on MW2. I cant use throwing knives and i dont want to do that steady aim stuff. I use ninja and commando.

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NiccMecca Recruit. Looking for an active competitive sniping clan to better my skills and get bacc into the sniping community. My PSN is niccmecca Thank you. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads. Clan Recruitment 2 Dec 23, Multi Looking for a competitive squad to join! Similar threads S. Clan Recruitment. Clan Chat. PSN Looking what are the cheapest days to buy plane tickets a competitive search and destroy team.

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Step one: get a yard stare Step two: goto matchmaking Step three: point in general direction (don't zoom in, it will make you look like a scrub) Step four: pull the trigger, the aim assist will guarantee a headshot every time Step five: profits [spoiler]if you do this you will become the best sniper in destiny and everyone will still think you are a scrub [/spoiler]. Nov 30,  · So for the past two weeks I've been playing mainly competitive. I originally went in just to finish my Legend grind for the Season. However, I found myself e Author: Aztecross. Jan 27,  · Looking for an active competitive sniping clan to better my skills and get bacc into the sniping community. I’ve been quicc scoping since cod 4 and have played with some of the best. My PSN is niccmecca Thank you.

Call of Duty : Cold War players can dominate with sniper rifles in standard multiplayer. However, using a sniper is not as simple as using an assault rifle of SMG. Great snipers have a number of similar techniques and approaches that allow them to compete with more forgiving weapons. Sniper rifles have the quickest time to kill in the game , but missed shots are penalized much more than other weapons. Updated April 13th, by Payton Lott: The only way to become an adept sniper is through repetition.

Gamers will need to put in hours and hours of practice to master sniping in multiplayer modes. Cold War players that want to rank up faster and improve their skills can take several steps to improve their chances of success. Sniping is an art form in a massive open world like Warzone but these tips can help fast-track you to success.

This guide will cover the strategies and methods all top-tier snipers employ. The Cold War maps are generally quite small. Players wielding a sniper should get some experience playing the maps and learning the best sightlines on each map. Snipers should by no means camp in one spot or area.

After a kill or two, enemy players will easily eliminate campers. Instead, players should know the high traffic areas on each map and focus on finding the best head glitches to take down opponents. The lack of Cold War maps at launch means that players can learn the few in the rotation quicker. Because players are penalized for missed shots with a sniper, having cover is essential to winning a gunfight.

Skilled snipers never challenge players from the same location more than a couple of times before relocating. This is especially true if the opposing team has snipers as well. By relocating, enemy players will have to adjust their aim before firing. Assuming the enemy is in the same spot, the player peeking from a new location will have a significant advantage.

Many players have a wealth of experience quick scoping to take out enemies. However, quick scoping is not easy and takes a fair amount of practice.

If players can learn to master quick scoping, they can move around the map faster and catch enemies off guard. A sniper shot to the chest will almost always win a one on one gunfight. The downside to quick scoping is that the enemy will almost always kill players that miss their first shot.

For the vast majority of players, hard scoping is a more effective option. One of the most common mistakes when using a sniper is peeking cover without hard scoping. The split second of aim down sight speed could be the difference between winning the challenge and getting killed. In standard multiplayer, players will most likely have more success with a faster aim down sight time.

Regardless of play style, improving aim down sight time will help players recover when caught off guard. Thankfully, many of the snipers in Cold War have a competitive aim down sight time.

Players should try a combination of attachments on their sniper to fit how they play the game. Additionally, players should find a sight and reticle combination that feels right. Quicker players might consider running a 3x or 2x scope for versatility. Players that want to run lobbies with a sniper need to be able to win one on one sniper battles.

One of the most important things to know as a player are the common sniping areas and windows. Anticipating where enemy snipers will peek will give players an advantage in a shootout.

Observe common areas and keep those in mind when looking for enemy players. Using cover effectively first requires sufficient cover.

Players should use boxes, windows, and walls to peek at enemies. If snipers miss a shot, they should use the cover to block enemy fire before challenging the enemy again. Effective cover gives players the time to utilize tactical equipment before taking another shot. Players that have experience in standard PVP know that a good head glitch is important in a gunfight. Snipers should only have the top of their head exposed to limit the hitbox enemies can aim for.

Bobbing is an effective technique to bait enemies into revealing their location on the map. Players should alternate between standing up and crouching to identify enemies without being killed. The best Call of Duty players are constantly moving when under fire.

A still target is much easier to hit. Even a millisecond outside of cover is long enough for an opponent to get a shot off. Using these techniques will give players an immediate advantage in a gunfight. A jump challenge is when one player sprints and jumps before aiming to catch enemies off guard. This technique is effective when an enemy player has the first shots on the player sniping. By strafe jumping, enemy players will have to adjust their aim and may miss several shots.

Jump challenges are not simple methods and require a significant amount of practice. Combining a Jump Challenge with a bunny hop will make snipers even harder targets to hit. For players running the game at less than 60fps, targets moving quickly are far more difficult to hit. After jump challenging, gamers can tap the jump button while aiming down the sight to hop and strafe away from enemy fire. Many Call of Duty professionals and streamers use the technique to gain a slight edge over skilled opponents.

Getting headshots is impressive, but gamers that aim only at the head will miss a higher percentage of their shots. A well-placed bullet to the chest is enough to take down enemies. In Cold War , the chest hitbox is significantly larger than the head hitbox. Unless snipers are trying to finish headshot challenges, aiming mid-mass is the best way to connect with a target and secure a kill.

The only real way to master sniping in Call of Duty is to develop muscle memory. Players new to the game should expect to have negative matches and to struggle to implement the strategies mentioned in this article. Over time, gamers will get a feel for how to use snipers and anticipate how to lead moving opponents. No one becomes a dominant sniper overnight. By putting in the time practicing these tips, players will win more gunfights and improve as snipers in Cold War. By Payton Lott Updated Apr 13, Share Share Tweet Email 0.

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