How to have the best yard sale ever

how to have the best yard sale ever

Over 100 Tips to Have the Best Garage/Yard Sale Ever

Nov 25,  · One method that works well is to put yard sale items aside all year long. Designate some boxes or shelves in a closet or attic, and discard any unwanted clothing and household things there. When you've collected enough, it's sale time. If you're . You see, I am an amazing yard sale shopper. Really. I have honed my skills for finding the absolute best stuff at the absolute best prices. For awhile there, when I was selling my wares at a local consignment store, I even considered myself a bit of a professional yard .

We're Giving Away Cash! Enter to Win. But sifting through all your belongings and knowing ysrd to do next can feel pretty overwhelming. This might seem like the most annoying garage sale tip, but it has to be said!

Dig through your garage, basement, attic, closets, cabinets, and under all the beds. Decluttering never felt so good! Having a garage sale can be a daunting task, so go hace and do the major work ahead of time. Once your piles are made, pull out all of the items you sorted to sell. Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings are usually the best time to hold your garage sale. The earlier the start, the cooler the temperature will be. Rainy days keep the buyers away!

Havw can buy simple pricing stickers and blank labels at the dollar store or any office supply store. Grab a table and chairs so you can have a designated area to cash people out and stay comfortable. You can set out blankets, boxes and storage containers, or even lay a board over two sturdy boxes. Whatever you do, make sure breakable items are supported on a stable surface. If you need an objective opinion, ask a friend to come dver and tell you what they would reasonably pay for the item.

Do how many protons does aluminium have quick search online to check the current value. Keep it realistic by hve things a quarter or a third of what they would cost brand new. Make sure your prices are in plain view by using price tags or stickers. Just try not to confuse your customers. Bigger items call for bigger price tags.

Make it big, noticeable and attractive to the buyer. Look around for ways to make a deal. Many potential buyers will walk away from big prices and never salw bother to haggle—and you just lost a sale. But do grab some signs and balloons from the dollar store and draw big arrows letting folks know how to get to your house.

Be sure the path is so simple, a first-grader could find it! If you want to advertise in the local paper, church bulletin, or neighborhood Facebook group, go for it. If you build it, they will yardd. Make sure you have enough small bills to hav change for your customers. Everyone wants a deal. If the customer wants to negotiate, then let them negotiate, but stick to your guns if the price gets too low. Well, not yet anyway. Before you try to sell those things that have been collecting dust, actually clean them off!

Fill bicycle tires and basketballs with air. If something needs batteries to run, fill it with some half-used batteries so the buyer knows it works. Keep an extension cord handy for buyers to test out appliances that require an outlet. And place a mirror near the clothing and accessories. It might uard silly, but going the extra mile can really make a big difference between making a sale or losing one.

The hsve of the sale, get up early and do a little setting up. For everything else, keep it organized, clearly priced, and easy to sort through. Stock your checkout area with plastic grocery bags and newspaper to wrap up fragile items. Those small touches sa,e go a long way! So, why not cut them in on the profits?

Is this just a secret hhe to get your teen to clean their saale Do you have younger kids? Let them get involved by manning a lemonade stand or bake sale booth. Who can resist a pint-sized entrepreneur? Okay, this might seem like a strange garage sale tip, but stay with us. Most shoppers are well-meaning people just out looking for a good deal.

Just keep a pitcher of complimentary water outside and point them in the direction of the nearest gas station. Be on guard when it comes to all that cash, too. Keep eved smaller bills in a cash box or on your body with an apron or fanny pack. If you still have some higher-dollar items left at the end of the day, sell your stuff online!

Consider selling clothing on places like Poshmark and thredUP. Just be sure to always include pictures of your items. And research similar items before you price yours so you can get an accurate idea of what to ask. Everyone has leftover stuff after having a garage sale. You will too. If you just want it all gone, how to get past sniper assassin 2 a friend if you can borrow a truck to haul the items off to donate.

You did it! But before you go depositing my urine is lime green what does it mean that money into your emergency fund or tthe your debt snowballuse a small portion to thank your kids, spouse, friends, or whoever helped you out. Pizza all around! Make sure you put each and every one of those hard-earned dollars to work.

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When you need to sell lots of individual items quickly, your best move is a decidedly nondigital one: to throw an old-school garage sale. Throwing a garage sale is no easy feat. With these considerations in mind, pick a sale date and a backup date usually the next day in case of inclement weather.

Do the following:. Many places require permits for publicly advertised sales on private property. Before you get too deep into the planning process, check your city or county government website to determine whether you need one. If you do, you can almost certainly apply online. If you live in an HOA community, check with the board about garage sale rules and regulations. Classified ad pricing usually involves a flat fee for a maximum word count say, 25 words and a per-word surcharge for additional verbiage, calculated on a weekly basis.

In your ad, mention particularly enticing or valuable items, such as furniture, collectibles, and small engine equipment like lawnmowers and leaf blowers. Include your address, phone number, and sale date and time as well as backup date and time.

You can advertise your garage sale for free on dozens of reputable websites that trade in local sale advertisements. The most useful and widely visited are:. You can wait until two or three days before your sale day or the first day of a multiday sale to put up your first ad. To save yourself time and avoid errors, write your ad in a word processing program and copy and paste it to each listing website site.

Again, your city or county government website should have detailed information about outdoor advertising restrictions. If signs are permitted in your area, use a bright, solid-color poster board and dark Sharpie for effect.

Use wooden paint mixing sticks to secure ground signs or a wood stapler to affix signs to power poles. Take advantage of community boards as well, keeping in mind that your signage can be more detailed and less gaudy here. Make sure you have everything you need at least a day before the garage sale starts.

Set these away from the main flow of traffic to avoid preventable catastrophes. If you have one, set up a garment rack in a high-visibility location for clothing you plan to sell. Otherwise, lay folded clothing out on tables. In a pinch, create additional elevated space with plywood laid over two cardboard boxes or milk crates.

Make creative use of fixed yard features, such as retaining walls and terraces, to create additional surface space. Mobile payment technology is ubiquitous these days, but some garage sale buyers still prefer cash. A suggested breakdown:. While at the bank, pick up a reusable cash envelope or repurpose an envelope from your house to ferry cash to a secure location inside. After visiting the bank, download at least one secure P2P payment app to accept electronic payments as well.

Sort your items before you price them. This ensures your garage sale remains organized and attractive to potential buyers. Use a low-traffic room in your house, preferably on the ground level, as a staging area. Price items likely to sell individually accordingly. You can and should create lots for lower-value items buyers are likelier to want in bulk, such as paperback books and CDs. Use manila tape and a Sharpie to price items, rather than specialized price tags. Also, resist the temptation to overprice items on the expectation that every buyer will haggle.

Arrange your tables and hangers the night before your garage sale. Secure everything in your garage overnight with overflow in your laundry room or in-home staging area and prepare to get up early to put everything out on the day of your sale.

Make a map of your yard on sale day so that you know where to locate each element during the presale rush. Give yourself at least an hour before the garage sale starts to set everything out and put up signs. Greet everyone who shows up at your sale, no matter how interested or well-off they appear. Reserve your negotiation strategies for the afternoon or the last day of a multiday sale.

If you have lots left over, expect to spend hours more disposing of unsold inventory. A successful garage sale will leave you with a less cluttered, better-organized home — and a wad of cash to spend or save as you wish.

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Date July 10, Brian Martucci. Share This Article. Dig Deeper. Follow MoneyCrashers. Trending Articles. Become a Money Crasher! Join our community. Extra Income. Share this Article. Step 1: Plan Your Sale Begin planning your garage sale weeks, if not months, before you greet your first customer.

Pick a Date First, you need to choose a time and date for your garage sale. Consider these factors: Day of the Week. Saturday, Friday, and Sunday — in that order — are the best garage sale hosting days. Time of Day. Morning is ideal. Many seasoned garage sale pickers get out early to beat the crowds and find the best deals, and morning sales beat the heat of the day in summer anyway. Time of the Month. The first week of the month is best.

In many parts of the country, garage sale season runs from early spring through early summer. Fall is a good second choice for sellers targeting early holiday shoppers. Competing or Complementary Events. Finally, consider what else is happening when you plan to host your garage sale. This is your chance to declutter and downsize your house. Set your boxes of smaller items in an indoor storage area for now.

Mark Larger Items for Sale. Identify and mark furniture, nonsentimental and low-value artwork, yard equipment, and other bulky items you plan to sell. Put Out a Call for Consignments. Send out an email or text to friends and family members inviting them to sell items at your sale on consignment.

Keep the arrangement invite-only and limit consignments to relatively small items, as a free-for-all can quickly spiral out of control and take over your driveway.

Check on Permits Many places require permits for publicly advertised sales on private property. Advertise on the Web You can advertise your garage sale for free on dozens of reputable websites that trade in local sale advertisements.

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