How to make a free band website

how to make a free band website

Create your band website

Create your band website and share your music online. Share tour dates, sell merchandise, and build an online presence for your band. Start your free trial today. No credit card required. All templates are available after free login. The best solution for your music website homepage design can be a banner featuring you or your band, the latest album cover, shots from your music videos, your band name or logo, an image associated only with you or.

With Jimdo, it takes just a second hpw add music to your page in sleek, professional playlists. Add videos and photos, show clips from recent gigs, or have video play in the background of a stunning page header. We provide plenty of storage and a whole media library of stock images. Websit using Facebook or Instagram?

Enjoy commission-free sales, right from your site. Sell albums, gear, t-shirts, and other swag, without transaction fees. A homepage for your music is the best way to reach a larger audience. Start with these steps:. Post your calendar, clips from recent gigs, How to make a free band website, and even accept bookings for weddings and events all in one place. Use our easy design tools to create a site that fits you perfectly, so you can spend more time what are logic gates and how do they work what you love.

Help artists research, find, and book your recording studio. A professional-looking website will introduce your unique setup and producing skills. Get the look you want, post your recent mixes and take bookings too. Get some band website design inspiration from these artists and hoe.

Building a music website is the best solution for creating a centralized location where your fans can hear your songs and find out about your upcoming concerts and new releases. Musicians can also share photos, video and other what is the equation for inverse variation, and sell their merch all from the same place.

Fortunately, having a website makes it much easier to get discovered. By creating one central hub for all of your work, you make it easier for new fans to find you and for industry pros to learn more about you.

Our automatic SEO tools will help you appear in more search engine results. You can also check out the top places to upload your music for free on our blog:. In fact, you can get started with all the tools you need to post your playlists, text, photos, and videos absolutely free! These premium plans are only dollars a month, but they include dedicated customer support, automatic SEO, online store features, extra storage and bandwidth, and more.

Do keep your design simple: The best music website designs are clean, modern, and show off your work without distractions. This will help search engines find your stuff and show it to the right people.

Don't forget your custom domain: Committing to a custom x or website address, like www. Babd portfolios are all about appearances. That's why Jimdo creates designer portfolios that make an impact, with no coding required. Photographers love Jimdo for its beautiful and easy photography portfolios.

See how you can get your photos online quickly and start taking bookings. Create an artist page that matches your style. Learn more about how our built-in tools will help you bring your ideas to life, without a web designer.

Jimdo is evolving! From a website builder to a software suite made for the self-employed and small businesses. Our one goal: to unleash your power. Create your Music Website with Jimdo Reach more fans and boost your music career onlinewithout any coding! Start Now. All the features your homepage needs. Add your songs and playlists With Jimdo, it takes just a second to add music to your page how to not get robbed sleek, professional playlists.

Bring your tunes to life with video Add videos and photos, show clips from recent gigs, or have video play in the background of a stunning page header.

Connect to social media in seconds Already websitw Facebook or Instagram? Earn money with an online store Enjoy commission-free sales, right from your site. How to create a music website for free? Start with these steps: Log in or sign up for freeno credit card required! Click to edit your bio, calendar, press kit, and recent news. Use music blocks to add your favorite songs and playlists. Publish your site, and your music is online! A music website builder for every kind of artist.

Examples of band websites created with Jimdo. Music wrbsite FAQ. Why should every musician have a website? What pages should my music website have? How can I promote my music online? How much does a musician website cost? A website builder especially for artists!

Portfolio Online portfolios are all about appearances. Online Portfolio how to. Photography Photographers love Jimdo for its beautiful and easy photography portfolios. Photography what do veterinarians do with euthanized animals how to.

Design Create an artist page that matches your style. Design your website how to.

Templates for music websites

Jan 07, How to Create Your Bands Website With Bandzoogle 1) Sign up The signup process is quick and painless. Click Try it Free at after clicking the link tiktokdat.comted Reading Time: 6 mins. Nov 29, MUSIC GLUE Music Glue is a specialist platform on which bands and musicians can quickly create a free website and store. Artists can easily customise their website and use it sell music, merchandise, tickets and experiences, direct to their fans. Log in or sign up for freeno credit card required! Click to edit your bio, calendar, press kit, and recent news. Use music blocks to add your favorite songs and .

Getting started is the easy part - gather up your bio , images, best songs, and a video or two. This is where a lot of musicians get tripped up. Music website templates are a way to get your website off the ground, quickly and seamlessly. Why use a music website template as a starting point for your design? A template is guaranteed to adapt beautifully to mobile devices. From there, consider a template as a framework. The good news is, there are loads of choices, and any template can be customized to reflect your sound.

You can also change up your design at any time to match a new release, or an upcoming promotional push. To choose the best template for your music website, take a look at the options and see what stands out. Are you hoping to release new music soon?

Look for a template with a call-to-action near the top. If you have a stellar promotional image, try a template where imagery is the focus. If you have plenty of content to organize, try a template with a simple content area, at full-width. If you like the interesting side-menu feel, choose that - and the rest will come together. Each one comes with four preset versions, complete with a color palette and fonts selected by our designers, keeping current web design trends in mind.

Every music website template listed here is fully mobile-responsive, meaning they adapt to any screen size without further work on your part. So if your image fits well and looks good , you can change the colors, layout, and fonts from there. Once you take a look at these templates in action, you may get a better idea for which will work for you! Using a full-width background image sets this template apart; with a photo of yourself in the background, your content will scroll up over it in a fixed way.

Many music composers gravitate towards the Jacob website template. Jacob: a great website template choice for music composers, beat producers, or djs. Artist using the Jacob template: Jason Adams. To celebrate the return of New Wave, this 80s inspired website template makes use of funky animated effects to add a little pizzazz. Whether you play classic covers, or create your own sounds, Synth offers a landscape for your music.

Making your navigation stand out is important for any website design; with the Synth template you can set the background color of the menu as a solid bar. This gives structure and support to your page. With a wide image area at the top, Synth works well if you have lots of imagery to set up your brand. Use it at the top, and in sections throughout your website. Synth: a great website template choice for pop bands, rock bands, and cover bands. Artist using the Synth template: Flara K.

The Nadia website template is simple, with a structure that adds a defining quality to your website. It features a background image, adjustable page content width, and a call-to-action to demand attention.

This template works well if you have something coming up to promote, such as an album or single release. Nadia: a great website template choice for classical musicians, music teachers, and songwriters. Artist using the Nadia template: Marius Noss Gundersen. With the option to add a background image, the Entourage template sets up your website for success right off the bat.

This template can easily handle plenty of images, videos, and other content without getting too cluttered. This makes it a good choice if you plan to set up fan subscriptions , or sell band merch directly from your website.

You can choose a simple black and white version to create a classic vibe, or customize one of the color palettes to make your music pop.

For an even more unique look, use hi-resolution imagery in the background and main header image area as well. Entourage: a great website template choice for indie bands, folk bands, or cover bands. Artist using the Entourage template: Car Park Social. It comes with a certain stylistic look because of the simple and stark side menu, and can be used successfully by solo artists or full bands.

The beauty of Vincent lies both in its simplicity and its versatility. To make it your own, start with a great image that commands attention and shows off your style. Then, add a background image to complement your content. These images will appear on every page, with your content to follow in floating sections.

Vincent: a great website template choice for rappers, recording studios, and electronica. Artist using the Vincent template: Aobaprod.

Two things make the Forte template stand out: the built-in animated scroll effects, and the full-width content area option. When scrolling down, the header image fades into the background with a subtle color overlay applied on top, giving your website a modern look. Once your visitor has scrolled down, they will also see your content stretching from side to side. This means extra room for your photo galleries, blog posts in columns, or site-wide footer.

Forte features a clean design aesthetic, sans serif fonts, and room to play with the margins. As a very modern take on a website template, this one works well for new, trendy music. Forte: a great website template for djs , rock bands, and metal bands. Artist using the Forte template: Athenz. To get a slightly different look, the Mezzo template offers a sleek side menu.

If you have stunning portrait-style imagery, this template would be a good starting point for you. Your image remains static on the left side while you can load up content on the right.

Your music, bio, and more will scroll while your sidebar stays fixed in place, making sure your brand is always top of mind, and your menu is easy to navigate.

To customize the menu for a different look, set it as a hamburger style. Mezzo: a great website template choice for solo artists like songwriters , rappers, and producers. Make your music website with Bandzoogle today. Artist using the Mezzo template: Malcolm Elliott. As long as you have a great hi-resolution image, almost any landscape-style photo will work well with this design.

This website template has a built-in frame that stays in place as you scroll. You can select different start and end colors so that as your visitor navigates down the page, the frame color changes. This animation adds movement to the site, making the content pop even while on the same page. You can customize the look with either a thin line around your image or a thick solid border that goes to the edge.

Anthem: a great website template choice for singers. Artist using the Anthem template: Abby Feferman. Ghost Note gives room for your content to breathe, making it work well for full bands or labels with multiple artists. With space on the sides and the option to add content in sections, this template focuses the eye to the center where all the important stuff sits.

It features trendy color palettes and fresh fonts so you can pick one of the preset variations and add your content with minimal worry about design choices. This is also a good choice if you plan to create many pages in your menu.

Ghost Note: a great website template choice for electronica artists, full band, and record labels. Artist using the Ghost Note template: Max Gumdrop. With a square image that plays up your profile, simplicity is the key to success here.

There are four versions to choose from with Filter, most of which feature whitespace in the content area, flanked by sections. Use a different image per page to give this template an interesting, varied look. If you wanted to create an EPK for your music , Filter is a good choice to start with. Filter: a great website template choice for funk or hip hop artists.

Artist using the Filter template: Children of Indigo. The Frontier template is perfect for creative types: your imagery will, without question, be front and center.

In addition to a huge area for a striking image on the Homepage, your content area can be as wide as you want, making lots of room for images within text, photos, and more media. The smooth, modern animated effects that scroll in as your website loads gives this template a unique, polished look.

The preset palettes vary from subtle to striking, with the option for stacked sections. A great header image that tells your story is essential to bring this template to its full potential. Frontier: a great website template choice for pop bands, jazz groups, choirs, or rock bands.

Artist using the Frontier template: Attaboy. No header image on hand just yet? No problem. Your name in the center of the white space at the top makes it a focal point instead. Choose a website font that speaks to your style of music here.

Tonic in its default form includes tons of whitespace. With tons of room, the Tonic template makes it easy to organize your content in a streamlined way. Add a muted background image or full-color block behind your text; under the simple header area, these sections stack well. The four variations of this template are markedly different from each other.

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