How to make a lego go kart

how to make a lego go kart

Lego Go-cart

Aug 24,  · Our latest creation in the LEGO 'How To Build' series is our LEGO GO-KART tutorial!Ever wanted to build a mini-figure sized Lego Go-Kart?!? Well now you can. Apr 18,  · How to build a LEGO Go Kart with your LEGO pieces!SUSBCRIBE I take all your LEGO)PART LISTS

This is a small go-cart i made out of lego. Its great to give as little karr for christmas or a birthday. Put the flat 2x1 on it, and tilt slightly. Now be creative, make another and race them, make a jump, make a stop-motion video please post if you do. Reply 12 years ago on Introduction. You spell the word "stuff" like you haven't been in school Reply 9 years ago on Introduction. If you didn't kkart it off of Mario Cart 64 this looks almost exactly the same it's awesome!

Reply 13 years ago on Introduction. Introduction: Lego Go-cart. Levo bumpus Follow. More by the author:. About: I am q jack of all trades and a master of none. Put the two wedges beside the seat, and one katr of the steering wheel. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Aquaponics for Everyone! Garlic Gardening by DanPro in Gardening. Reply Upvote. DJ Radio 12 years ago on Introduction. TOCO 12 years ago on Step 6. I modified your design and came up with this.

My drinking bird is in the background. Lego man 12 years ago on Introduction. How to heal hip flexor 13 years ago on Introduction.

Vynash bumpus Reply 13 years ago on Introduction. Fresh94 13 years ago on Introduction. That car cae out of a lego board game called Lego Racing or something.

Step 1: The Jig

Here are the peices needed:1 8x2 Lego1 4x4 LEgo2 Pairs of Mini Wheels2 1x3 Wings2 Hood Thingys (Black things on the front of the Kart?1 Different Hood Thingy. Lego Go-cart Step 1: Parts. Step 2: Wheels and Chassis. Step 3: Steering and Seat. Step 4: Aerodynamics. Put the two wedges beside the seat, and one infront of the steering wheel. Step 5: Spoiler Application. Put the flat 2x1 on it, and tilt slightly. Step 6: Done. . Aug 24,  · Do you want to see more LEGO Speed Build videos from BrickBuilder? Subscribe this channel and see all new lego sets as the first!On my channel is all most po.

The first thing you need to do, is make a design. You have to design everything for it to work out in the end. First is to design the frame.

How big is it going to be, how wide? Draw it on a sheet of copy paper first and think of how long you want it. Figure out all of the dimensions and angles in it.

Next, transfer the small drawing on to a big sheet of paper so that it will be the exact size that the frame will turn out to be. The next step is to build a jig. A jig will help a lot with building the frame. After drawing out the design to the exact dimensions, lay it out on a sheet of plywood. Then screw 1x2 down all around the frame part. After this, take the paper off and you have a jig. After the Jig is built, the next step isa to make the frame.

Cut the steep at the right angel and put it in the Jig. I also had to bend the two side peices because it would be weaker if I had cut and welded them. To cut the steel, I used a horizontal bandsaw. After all of the pieces fit together in the Jig, the next step is to weld it all together. Weld all of the top joints and then flip the frame over and weld all of the bottom ones.

After welding, grind all of the welds down to a smooth finish. After all of the welding and grinding, the next step is to attach the axel.

Go ahead and put all of the components on the axel in order, but they don't have to be lined up yet. Drill holes through the frame and attach the pillow blocks to it with bolts. In the pictures the frame is upside-down. Attach the axel so that the pillow blocks bolt holes are upwards towards the frame and the axel is below that.

After attaching the axel, put the back tires on. Next step is to attach the front C brackets which holds the spindles. Tilt them back a little if the front tires are smaller than the rear ones. Once you have them mounted, then put in the spindle with the kingpin. Then put on the spacers, washers and front tires.

I replaced all of the washers with PVC pipe and left one washer on either side of the wheel. For this step, have a piece of steel attach to the steering shaft and attach the tie rods to the top of it.

Then, attach the other end of the tie rods to the spindle. To hold the end of the steering shaft, I put a pillow block on there and also fabricated a holder for it. Next is the Seat bracket. To make it, map out where you want it and cut it out of some heavy duty steel. I used some diamond plate.

After you cut it out, measure and drill holes for the seat to attach to it. Then weld it to the top of the frame. For the Floor pan, it is pretty much the same thing. Map out where you want it and cut it out of steel. I used the diamond plate again. After cutting it, just weld it to the frame. Next is to make the motor mount. I make it out of steel that I cut and welded together. If your kart is at an angel then make the front of the mount higher than the back and use a level to try to make it as level as possible.

Next is to mount the Motor, Chain, and Torque Converter. First put the torque converter on the engine and make the bolts nice and tight and use lock washers. Make sure that the belt is on the right way and all the keys are in the key ways.

Next, mount the motor on the motor mount, but don't tighten it down yet, put the chain on first. Put the chain in with the master link and have the clip facing away from the engine and the round end of it going the way that the chain is going to be turning the most.

Then, pull the engine back to get the chain tight and tighten down the engine with bolts. For this part, either fabricate or buy some pedals and find out a way for them to attach to your frame. Then, attach a cable from the engine to the pedal and set up the throttle linkage. For the brake, make a rod that goes from the lever on the caliper to the top of the pedal. After everything is set up and working, put the right oil and gas into the motor and take it for a test drive.

For a Predator cc 6. Let the motor warm up a while and break in. For this part, strip down the kart to the bear frame and prime it and paint it. First, since there was a lot of rust on mine, I sand blasted it and got all of the rust off, then primed it, then painted the spots that I wanted to be orange, orange.

Then I put pin striping tape over it and painted black over that then pulled the take off carefully. Question 8 months ago. Question 2 years ago on Step 2. Question 3 years ago on Step Reply 4 years ago. I used a torque converter instead of a centrifugal clutch.

Bolt the torque converter assembly to the engine and run the chain from the shaft on the torque converter sprocket to the axle.

You should have another sprocket on the axle that the chain should go around. How much would you charge to build one of these from scratch and ship it to Dallas, Texas with a steering instead? Hello sir, some questions I like to ask you lead into a presentation I'm going to give to my class. I'm planning on telling them that creating a go-kart is a simple task.

What are your thoughts? Reply 5 years ago. It depends of what you mean by "simple task". I spent many hours on the designing part alone not to mention the countless hours I spent cutting, welding, testing and creating this product. It is definitely not a simple task if you ask me. Hello, I'm looking for an expert in the process of creating a go-kart.

I would like to ask some questions if you don't mind. Introduction: How to Make a Go-Kart. Design The first thing you need to do, is make a design. MOV Download. Next step is to assemble the go-cart and get everything hooked up again and working. Did you make this project?

Share it with us! I Made It! WeerBroodje Question 8 months ago. Answer Upvote. I have an skelter, if i put the motor on it with the chains, will it drive? Reply Upvote.

Griffin 1 year ago on Introduction. Puttputt79 Question 2 years ago on Step 2. ReyM18 4 years ago. What did it cost to build this? Also how much would a welder and a saw to cut metal with cost? How do you figure out the clutch and drive sprocket? DarylA13 4 years ago. Malbaiji 4 years ago.

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