How to say second in french

how to say second in french

French Grammar: Ordinal Numbers

French words for second include deuxieme, seconde, second, secondaire, en second lieu, instant, appuyer, detacher, temoin and en seconde place. Find more French words at! to be in second place (in league table, race) se classer deuxieme to finish in second place (in contest, race) finir a la deuxieme place to take second place (=be less important) passer apres to take second place to sth (=be less important) passer apres qch.

The French are renowned for their passionate love affair with food. French cuisine is extremely diverse, with a subtle touch of elegance i into even the simplest meal preparations.

Those who have never hoow a French dinner should be prepared for ftench long evening ahead. Not only do French people appreciate each morsel of food slowly, but dining pleasure is also prolonged for up to five or six hours due to the many courses that make up a French dinner:.

During the first course in a French dinner, hosts how to make chocolate cake allrecipes guests into their living room and serve them light alcoholic drinks and small appetizers to how to clean antique wicker furniture how to say second in french appetites for the meal ahead.

The aperitif is also a warm and friendly gesture, indicating the hosts' pleasure at having guests over for dinner. In addition, the aperitif is a way for everyone to become better acquainted. Waiting for any latecomers becomes more bearable in this relaxed environment. A glass of champagne is the best alcoholic sayy to be served during this first seconc in a french dinner.

Other options include light cocktails and drinks that are specific to each French region, such as Kir in the north and Pastis in the South of France. Nuts, olives and crackers are also served alongside these alcoholic beverages. Non-alcoholic aperitif drinks are set aside for any children who are present for the French dinner. Hence, it is essential that this course is well thought out and carefully prepared. The third course in a French dinner may include a wide variation of cooking styles according to the different regions in France.

For instance, Bretagne in the northwest of France uses more butter and cream in its cooking, whereas areas in the east of France use more sausages and sauerkraut in their meals. Wine is served throughout the meal Ч red wine to go with red meat and white wine to go with white meat or fish.

Salad may vrench served after the main course as a palate cleanser. There are more than types of cheese in France, so it should not come as a surprise that cheese, in itself, can be a course in a French dinner. In this course, a cheese board is prepared, consisting of cheese of varying textures and flavors. The cheese board is accompanied frencj fruits, nuts, and baguette bread on the side, along with more wine, of course. Tk in a French dinner is similar to desserts from other seecond of cuisines in tk it is sweet to the taste and can be either hot or cold.

Since it is served towards the end of the French dinner, dessert is commonly light and small to prevent guests from feeling too full. Popular French desserts include chocolate profiteroles, chocolate mousse, bow apple tarts. Just like the aperitif, coffee is served as a gesture of gratitude and pleasure at having guests for dinner.

Frenc is usually taken in the relaxed atmosphere of the living room. Each guest is served coffee in a small cup, accompanied by a square piece of dark chocolate or a chocolate truffle, which is believed what is my ip location country enhance the aroma and taste of the coffee.

An alternative such as tea should be prepared for guests who do not drink coffee. The digestif signals the end of a French dinner. Guests are offered small doses of strong alcoholic beverages such as cognacbrandyor whisky. The cultural practice of serving digestifs at the end of a meal may have declined due to higher awareness of the dangers of drunk driving.

Nevertheless, digestifs are still offered during special occasions such as Christmas Eve family dinners. Please enter the following code:. Login: Forgot password?

Most ordinal numbers and fractions are written the same

to be in second place (in league table, race) se classer deuxieme to finish in second place (in contest, race) finir a la deuxieme place to take second place (= be less important) passer apres to take second place to sth (= be less important) passer apres qch. - premier/premiere and second/seconde agree in gender with the noun they refer to - you add a -u after cinq to form cinquieme, as the syllable " qi " doesn't exist in French. - the -f of neuf becomes a -v in neuvieme, simply to ease the pronunciation. Now listen to these examples. Nov 12, †Ј Like many other adjectives in French, the ordinal numbers first and second have a masculine and a feminine form. premier / premiere second / seconde. The ordinal numbers second / seconde are synonymous with deuxieme. Second / seconde are normally used in place of deuxieme in a series which goes no higher than two: mon second enfant: my.

Ordinal numbers les nombres ordinaux are used to express rank or position, in other words, ordinal numbers are used for ordering, as opposed to cardinal numbers , which are used for c ounting. Most French ordinal numbers and fractions les fractions are written the same. Other than demi , tiers , and quart , all French fractions are based on their corresponding cardinal numbers. Note that when the cardinal number ends in -e, that letter is dropped before the fraction ending.

Demi can be feminine when used as a noun or when it follows a noun. But when demi precedes a noun, it always remains in the masculine form. All other French fractions are always masculine and must be preceded by a number. Note that twenty-first, thirty-first and the like are always masculine. Actively scan device characteristics for identification. Use precise geolocation data. Select personalised content.

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