How to speed up cold sore healing

how to speed up cold sore healing

Here’s How You Can Get Rid of a Cold Sore (Fast!)

Nov 07,  · Treatment with black tea To relieve pain and accelerate the healing process of cold sores, you can put a compress of black tea on the affected area. Treatment of tomato and aloe vera Clean the affected area daily and then apply a bit of tomato pulp on it, let it act for a minute and place a little aloe vera which will help dry the blister. Feb 25,  · "To get rid of a cold sore quickly, the best thing you can do is start treating it as soon as possible," says Dr. Brown. "A burning or tingling sensation on your lips or face can be an early warning sign that a cold sore is developing, and the earlier you start reducing swelling and treating the cold sore, the faster it will heal.".

Your doctor can usually diagnose cold sores just by looking at them. To confirm the diagnosis, your doctor might take a sample from the blister for testing in a laboratory. Cold sores generally clear up without treatment in two to four weeks.

Several types of prescription antiviral medications may speed the healing process. Examples include:. Some of these products ul packaged as pills to be swallowed. Others are creams to be applied to the sores several times epeed day. In general, the pills work better than the creams.

For very severe infections, some antiviral drugs can be given with an injection. The over-the-counter cold sore ointment docosanol Abreva may shorten the healing time of a cold sore. At the first sign aore symptoms, apply it to the affected skin as directed on the package. Use a cotton-tipped swab to put medicine on a cold sore. This helps prevent the spread of the sores to other parts of your body. Make an appointment with your family doctor if your cold healign.

Your doctor is likely to ask you a number of questions. Being ready to answer them may reserve speedd to go over any points you want to talk about in-depth. Your doctor may ask:. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission. Don't delay your care at Mayo Clinic Schedule your appointment now for safe in-person care. This content does not have an English version.

This content does not have an Arabic version. Diagnosis Your doctor can usually diagnose cold sores just by looking at them. Treatment Cold sores generally clear up without treatment in two to four weeks. Request an Appointment at Mayo Clinic. Share on: Facebook Twitter. Show references AskMayoExpert. Cold sores herpes simplex infection. Mayo Clinic; Dinulos JGH. Warts, herpes simplex, and other viral infections.

In: Habif's Clinical Dermatology. Elsevier; Accessed April 7, akihabara how to get there Herpes simplex. American Academy of Dermatology. Ferri FF, et al. Xpeed CA, et al. Canker sores. Time; Cold sores. Gibson LE expert opinion. Mayo Clinic. April 6, Lemon balm. Natural Medicines. Accessed April 8, Bauer BA, ed.

Making healijg the focus of care. Klein RS. Treatment of herpes simplex virus type 1 infection in immunocompetent patients. Hargitai IA. Painful how to advise someone with depression lesions. Dental Clinics of North America. Related Cold sore Video: 3 things you didn't know about cold ohw. Mayo Clinic Marketplace Check out these best-sellers and special offers on books and newsletters from Mayo Clinic.

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Are there any home remedies or all-natural treatments that are beneficial? Regardless of the method, the key to a successful outcome is taking action immediately. In this guide, we will let you know which OTC cold sore medicines really work. This was developed by doctors and has been shown to cut the recovery time to as little as three days when used during the prodromal stage a tingling sensation. Being proactive can help you heal a cold sore fast.

Taking advantage of proven FDA medications and devices is always a positive start. Making use of natural and alternative remedies can also deliver results. Your goal should always be efficiency coupled with safety.

Using light technology , the Virulite can significantly shorten the healing time of your cold sore. In fact, if used during the prodromal stage, it can sometimes stop an outbreak in its tracks.

Quite the departure from messy creams, Virulite is a convenient and straightforward solution that works. Carry it with you when you go to work and apply it as soon as you experience the warning signs. Only requiring three treatments over the course of two days, the Virulite device is the fastest and most effective option around.

Many essential oils can provide relief. According to Dr. Joshua Zeichner , a board-certified dermatologist based in New York City, essential oils can potentially treat a wide variety of skin conditions.

He notes that lab results have shown that antiviral properties are found in many essential oils. By reducing an active outbreak, essential oils can naturally speed up healing time. Regarded as a strong antiviral and antiseptic, tea tree oil has healing qualities. Courtesy of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is also a useful pain reliever.

It can be applied directly to your blister with a clean cotton swab. Limit your application to no more than times per day. Quite strong, tea tree oil can irritate your skin if over-used. This can calm the symptoms of the herpes simplex virus. Most people quickly benefit from a reduction in pain and skin sensitivity. For best results, apply it to the fever blister via cotton ball.

Apply it times day, as needed. With an application window of up to 4 times per day, lemon balm oil can be applied with a cotton swab. Diluting each of the essential oils discussed will help to prevent any skin irritation. If you experience an allergic reaction such as redness, swelling or a rash, cease treatment.

Despite the fact that many alternative treatments have no HSV-1 healing properties, others can speed up healing and reduce pain and swelling. Identified as a tingling or burning sensation, cold sores can display symptoms a full hours before blister formation. This is a vital clue that can allow you to take swift action.

Spreading from cell to cell, HSV-1 has a rapid growth rate once it becomes active. Treating the virus immediately with an FDA-approved product will keep viral spreading to a minimum. Fever blisters, if left untreated, can remain active for up to two weeks. Keeping a cold sore moist is recommended. While drying out your fluid-filled blisters can lead to faster healing, it can potentially introduce complications.

Cracking, bleeding, infection, and scarring are examples of problems that can be encountered. The use of active healing agents can shield your fever blisters from dryness and any cracking. The Mayo Clinic recommends the following:. When the scab is moist, there is less risk of cracking. The scab stage is critical. Any skin damage or infection can be a setback to your recovery.

Cracked lips and scabs can become infected. It is also suggested that a form of lip conditioning is critical. Keeping lips moist at all times can prevent many issues. In the same way that you would keep your lips moist to prevent an outbreak, the same logic applies to protecting the integrity of a scab.

Cold sore recovery is relatively short. While minor swelling at the blister site coupled with tender skin is commonplace, these sorts of issues should not last more than a few days.

The skin that develops beneath the scab can sometimes be quite tender. If you continue to experience adverse side effects several days after your cold sores have gone away, you need to consult your physician. It could be a sign of a complex medical issue. Conditions, such as facial eczema , can cause the virus to spread due to the broken skin. Most people will heal naturally within ten days, but no more than two weeks.

Once your scab has flaked away and been replaced by the new skin, the entire process has been completed. Residing in a dormant state in the dorsal root ganglion block nerve cells near the ear , any form of negative stimulation to this nerve chain can promote a fever blister outbreak. Once infected with HSV-1, you become a viral carrier for life. Although each outbreak will run its course and go away on its own, there is currently no cure for long-term sufferers. Some people are affected by the virus far more than others.

If your immune system is weakened, it is less able to fight off the virus. Dermatologists from the American Academy of Dermatology note a series of core triggers that can lead to blister development.

Bruce A. Brod who serves as a clinical professor of dermatology at the University Of Pennsylvania Perelman School Of Medicine stresses the importance of increased medical attention if you have chronic outbreaks. Brod stated that prescription antiviral medication could shorten an outbreak if taken within 72 hours of initial symptoms. HSV-1 carriers who have a difficult time keeping cold sores at bay should speak with a board-certified dermatologist.

Brod states that antiviral medication can be used as a form of prevention in severe cases. Popping a cold sore , even if done safely, can have negative consequences. Popping your cold sore can potentially lead to a secondary bacterial infection. It is not uncommon for blister infections to persist for weeks. Severe infections often require an antiviral medication. Continue with your treatment plan and maintain a hands-off approach.

Being impatient and searching for a quick fix is likely to slow down the recovery process. Knocking off a cold sore scab accidentally, or intentionally removing the scab from a cold sore, is likely to slow down healing.

Other potential issues include pain, bleeding, infection, and scarring. If your scab has been removed early , you need to cleanse the area gently with some antibacterial soap and warm water. This will remove germs, bacteria, and stem the flow of blood. The pain and swelling can be minimized by applying an ice pack or cold compress directly to the affected area. Once cleansed, you should apply a healing cream, such as aloe vera gel.

Cold sores are still contagious during the scabbing period. Avoid touching your face and wash your hands immediately. Read This Next. Popular posts. This site uses cookies: Find out more.

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