How to store fresh grated coconut

how to store fresh grated coconut

12 Fresh Coconut Recipes That Put the Sweet Meat to Delicious Use

?Ј?The grated frozen coconut stays white and fresh for many months. I haven't actually tested the shelf life but I know there is endless boxes of frozen grated coconut at home. I was so happy when my friend told me that this is a fantastic idea that helps her so much these days for her Coconut is a versatile fruit that can be used in a variety of recipes, including tropical drinks and desserts or exotic soups and sauces. If you purchase sweetened, packaged shredded coconut that has been dried, it should store well in a Ziploc bag in your pantry for several

How to open a coconut and how to grate fresh coconut are the 2 questions people ask when they see a coconut for the first time. Honestly, it was only 3 years ago I learned to do this. My Dad and Mom were the ones doing it. I was even surprise that my Dad knew how to do it.

Grated fres is an ingredient used in many dishes, desserts and drinks. Asian stores sell frozen grated coconut. If you are looking for a desiccated coconut you can easily find it in grocery stores.

There are 2 kinds of coconut Ч young and mature coconut. A young coconut is the type of coconut served when you want fresh coconut water.

Young coconut usually have 10 ounces of fresh coconut water. To get to the coconut water chop the top of the coconut and insert a straw. The other way is to transfer the coconut water in a container. When no more coconut water is dripping, hod a butcher knife to crack open the coconut and scrape the soft white flesh using a coconut meat removal knife.

In the Philippines, the coconut water and white meat are combined with sugar or simple syrup. It is transferred into long narrow plastic cocomut that are sealed and frozen. These frozen treats are called ice candy. It is so good and refreshing especially on a day with sweltering heat.

Street hawkers lined up near public transportation to sell these treats and other stuff. Coconut is abundant in Asia and the white meat are used in cakes, pies and fruit salad. The other type is the mature coconut with a hard flesh.

I will admit, I am not a fan of grating a mature coconut but it is tastier than frozen grated coconut bought from the store.

Also, another advantage of grating your own coconut you get a more concentrated coconut milk compared to frozen or canned coconut milk that is diluted with water. But I will admit, I hrated to buy canned coconut milk since it is more convenient to fresj. If a recipe calls for fresh grated coconut then I make my own.

In fact, I gresh making palitaw today so I'll be using some of this grated coconut. If you ask me which way I prefer. Either way is not easy for me. In my video, my mom is my model. Don't worry, Freah did not make her grate the coconut. I have a hard grsted myself so it would be harder for my mom. Stoee what, I was pressing too hard that I broke the grater.

During the holidays my family made palitaw and grated coconut using a food processor. Glad they showed me how to do it. Coconut grated manually what happens at the synapse coarser while coconut grated using a food processor is finer. So it's up to you which way to use. Cocpnut email address will not be published. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary frssh Recipes Search.

Facebook Instagram Pinterest YouTube. How to Grate Fresh Coconut. Don't how to apply nbi clearance abroad intimidated grating coconut, it might be easier for you than I described it. Cuisine: Asian. Prep Time: 25 minutes. Total Time: 25 minutes. Servings: 10 people. Calories: kcal.

Ingredients 1 matured coconut. If not, remove and clean it with a knife. Hit coconut with the back of a butcher knife. Some people use a hammer. Rotate the coconut while hitting it with the back of knife. Get a bowl if you want to save the coconut water. When it cracks, coconut gratef will drip. Drain the coconut water. To cut the how to store fresh grated coconut in half insert a knife on the crack and use it to pry open the coconut. Using a Coconut Grater or Shredder Place the coconut grater on a chair with the grater protruding.

Place a bowl below the grater to catch the grated coconut. Rotate the coconut to grate it evenly. Look at the inside of the coconut to make sure you are not close coconu grating the brown covering of the coconut cconut.

Put the grated coconut in the fridge if not using right away. If you have grated coconut left over, place it in a zip lock or container and store it in the freezer. Using coclnut Food Processor Cut and pry the white meat from the coconut using a knife and spoon. Remove the dark brown skin at the back of the coconut meat with a bow. Put coconut meat in a food processor.

Pulsing, grate or grind for 15 to 20 seconds. Transfer grated coconut to a bowl. It is ready to use. Notes Use the back of a butcher knife when trying to crack open a coconut.

Be careful not to loose a finger or hand. Leave a Comment Cancel reply How to put seo keywords in wordpress email address will not be published.

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One medium-sized fresh coconut will yield 3 to 4 cups grated or flaked coconut and 1 cup of liquid. Do not pack tightly when measuring grated or flaked coconut. If shredded coconut becomes dry, soak it in milk for 30 minutes, then drain off the milk and pat dry with paper Only premium quality coconuts are used to produce Easy СnТ Fresh Grated Coconut and the packs are currently available in two variants Ц one in gram packing which are produced daily and supplied fresh. Second size is gm, these are produced, frozen fresh and supplied on order ?Ј?A fresh coconut will be heavy and when you shake it you will hear the juice splashing around inside. Watch out for any cracks or bruises on the coconut shell. Getting a fresh coconut very much depends on where you live, since the shelf life of a fresh coconut is only about months and the process from picking (probably in Asia) to selling in

After you've gone to the trouble of cracking a coconut, what do you do with the meat? The soft, nutty taste works well in so many different contexts, from desserts to savory dishes. Here, our favorite recipes starring the versatile coconut. A single coconut tree can bloom as many as 13 times a year, producing about 60 large fruits each time. Inside those green orbs are pits -- the coconuts -- which contain liquid to quench your thirst and tasty meat that can be shaved, grated, or chopped.

When shopping for fresh coconut, pick a heavy one without cracks or damp "eyes"; shake it, and you should hear the juice inside. Virginia-born president John Tyler was partial to this simple showstopper hence the pie's name. It's worth grating your own coconut -- the fresh, creamy meat turns delightfully chewy in the oven and offsets the custardy filling perfectly. Fluke is cured in tangy lime juice, then finished with fresh coconut, ginger, garlic, black mustard seeds, lime zest, and a touch of salt and sugar in this lively seviche.

Our take on the classic Indonesian dessert dumplings call for a three-ingredient dough sticky rice flour, coconut milk, and salt , brown-sugar filling, and fresh coconut exterior. Puree the meat from a young green coconut with a couple tablespoons of fresh coconut water and lemon juice for a "yogurt" of sorts. It makes a light, delectable breakfast when topped with blueberries and raw honey. Thin strips of fresh coconut are tossed with brown sugar and white pepper, then given a quick turn in the oven until fragrant and golden.

Serve hot or at room temperature, preferably alongside a glass of cooling Limeade. Ready for more? Fresh coconut pull double duty in this spectacular holiday dessert -- it's grated for the cake filling and shaved and baked for the garnish. Fresh coconut is grated and cooked with brown sugar, nutmeg, and a splash of water for the super flavorful filling in these classic West Indian-style pastries.

Dried coconut goes into the chewy topping for this summery pie, while fresh coconut is shaved and toasted for a next-level garnish. Freshly grated coconut and unsweetened coconut milk amp up the batter for these Indian-inspired crepes stuffed with juicy wedges of mango. Grated fresh coconut is just one of five ingredients in these unfussy no-bake bars.

They're also gluten- and egg-free -- just the thing for a bake sale! Coconut is a triple threat in this tropical ice cream recipe -- it calls for grated fresh coconut, coconut cream, and dried coconut flakes.

Shaved fresh coconut makes a lovely final flourish for this cardamom- and cinnamon-spiced basmati rice. By Frances Kim March 23, Save Pin ellipsis More. Start Slideshow. Coconut Basics A single coconut tree can bloom as many as 13 times a year, producing about 60 large fruits each time.

View Recipe this link opens in a new tab. Credit: Quentin Bacon. Coconut Bars. Replay gallery. Pinterest Facebook. Up Next Cancel. By Frances Kim. Share the Gallery Pinterest Facebook. Skip slide summaries Everything in This Slideshow.

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