How to unlock a samsung galaxy s2

how to unlock a samsung galaxy s2

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 - Two Ways to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2

May 09,  · Unlock Samsung Step 1: To unlock Samsung Galaxy S2, launch program and simply select the "Screen Unlock" option. Step 2: Select the Samsung model on the list. Type "" and click Confirm button to continue. Step 3: You can also download the recovery package by just shutting down your. How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 with Unlocky. There are 3 steps to be followed in order to unlock sim Samsung Galaxy S2 with Unlocky. Before getting into this, you should know that Unlocky is safe and free to use, will not damage your mobile device or avoid your warranty. Step 1.

Just simply select your phone manufacturer as Samsung, select the samskng of your Samsung Galaxy S2 is locked to, enter phone model number and imei number. After samssung click on unlock now button, review your order, fill other details and make how to do a projected income statement. Codes2unlock is a leading online site who specialize in mobile phone unlocking service, we can unlock almost all major phones from different network service gapaxy.

NOTE: If your Samsung Phone display "phone freeze" message when you are trying to input a unlock code, This means your samsung phone is in freeze mode, then first input the Defreeze Code and then input Network Unlock Code. The resell value of your Samsung Galaxy S2 will increases as it is available to more carriers. Prices are depends on the locked network and phone model. Fill the above form to check the best price to unlock your phone. See all reviews. Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S2 in just 3 easy steps!

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How to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S2? Insert the unaccepted SIM card and then turn the power ON. You will be asked for an unlock code or password. Enter your unlock code. Feb 29,  · This tutorial shows you how to bypass the pin lock & slide lock screen on a Samsung Galaxy S2 II Skyrocket. Even if the phone is locked, this will show you h.

Want to change the carriers on your locked Galaxy S2? You are lucky! This article shares 4 effective solutions on how to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S2, and you will understand it's not difficult to unlock an old mobile phone. Select one way in the following, and you can save your phone with ease. Although you plan to sell your Galaxy S2, you can also get a better price after unlocking. This Samsung Unlock tool can help you bypass your old Galaxy S2 phone in minutes.

Despite pattern, PIN, password, and fingerprints, it can remove them with simple taps. Amazingly, it can unlock the Samsung Galaxy S2 without losing data. This feature helps you a lot, right? Have a look at its key features, and you will find more surprises are waiting for you.

Please download and install the program on the Windows computer. Then launch it and choose the " Unlock " tab. Once done, tap the " Next " icon and follow the on-screen guide to enter the Download Mode.

It will begin downloading the recovery package. Next, please tap the " Remove Now " button to boot the process. After finished, your phone is unlocked completely. You might like: Back up your Samsung phone to the PC and you won't worry about losing data anymore. Using the unlock code can unlock a Samsung Galaxy S2 as well. Does it sound complicated? Don't worry. You can get the detailed tutorial below to unlock your Galaxy phone.

Write it down and you will need to use it in the next step. First, keep a contract with them for 6 to 8 months. Second, your phone must be fully paid off for receiving the code from the carrier. You can scour for a website that can offer the unlock code service. But be careful because there are some frauds.

You can read reviews of the site. In general, the free unlock code sites are scams. You need to provide your phone's IMEI number, phone model, network carrier, and email address. Then the website will send your code via email within 2 days. Then switch it on. You're prompted to enter your unlocking code when the device tries to connect to a new network.

After a while, you will unlock your phone with the new network. Read also: It's easy to recover deleted photos from Galaxy S7 with these 4 methods. If needed, please have a look. It's beneficial to unlock old Android phones with Android OS 4. That means you can use this feature with your Google account on the Galaxy S2.

However, your phone must be signed in to your Google account. Please randomly enter the unlock pattern on the lock screen five times. When it prompts you to wait for 30 seconds, please tap the " OK " option. As you see the " Forgot pattern " icon at the bottom, please click it and you will enter the " Account unlock " screen. If you have attached your phone to your Google account, please sign in with your user name and password.

After that, you can enter your phone without a pattern lock. Further reading: Want to bypass the Android lock screen without the Google account? You can try these 5 ways. You can unlock your SIM card without the unlocked code. If you have updated your Galaxy phone OS, it cannot unlock it, either.

Please note that its unlocking feature requires payment. Run the app and allow it to get the related data on your phone for checking your current simlock state. Then it will root and detect your Samsung S2. The unlocking process will be finished a few moments later. It is easy to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S2 with the current unlocking tools, but more importantly, you need to find a secure and practical utility. Therefore, we highly recommend you to try the Samsung Unlock program in the first part, which is the most reliable and effective unlocking tool among all mentions above.

Let's download it without hesitation. How to Transfer Apps from Samsung to Samsung? Products Resources About Us. Samsung Backup. Samsung Recovery. Samsung Transfer. Samsung Eraser. How to Unlock a Samsung Galaxy S2? Unlock Android. Check It Out with 5 Powerful Approaches. Summary Want to change the carriers on your locked Galaxy S2?

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