Sonic and the secret rings how to get fire souls

sonic and the secret rings how to get fire souls


Sonic and the Secret Rings (???????????, Sonikku to Himitsu no Ringu?) (formerly known by the working titles Sonic Wild Fire and Sonic and the Secret of the Rings) is a video game within the Sonic the Hedgehog series that was released only for the Wii on 20 February in North America, 2 March in Europe, and 15 March in Japan. Blaze's card in Sonic Rivals In Sonic Rivals, Blaze appears on the th collectible card in the collect it, the player has to get the high score in Mystic Haunt Zone Act Sonic Storybook series Sonic and the Secret Rings. In Sonic and the Secret Rings, Blaze appears as a playable character in Party can be unlocked by obtaining Fire Souls.

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Blaze the Cat Nightmare Beginning is a 2D platformer game created by Jaiz Koys. It is the first in a series of games dubbed the " Nightmare Version". The GameJolt page has amassed over views and is nearing likes. The game is available in English, Italian, and Russian, which is the developer's native language. The game is heavily based off of the original creepypasta. The One with everyone being more comical and self-aware. Announced on October 2, , Sonic Boom is a CGI animated series in the popular Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise. Much like Sonic Underground, Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) and the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and other series by DiC Entertainment, its animation has been outsourced to a French animation studio, this . Virtual reality chatrooms are about to get even geekier. By D. Hardawar, 10 hours ago. Twitter Facebook Reddit Mail. Share. A newsletter a day keeps the FOMO at bay.

This article is rated M for Honest Content. Sonichu , also known as Sonichu Prime , is the titular and intended primary protagonist of Christian Weston Chandler 's world-renowned comic. He goes on adventures and "zaps to the extreme! Sonichu's species, Sonichu , evolves from a Sonee , and can evolve into either Metonic or Ultra Sonichu. Even though the original Sonichu mutated from Pikachu, which just makes the Sonichu comic even more convoluted. Sonichu is only nominally the protagonist and central character of the comic series , as he was swiftly pushed aside for Chris as soon as the comic became an allegory for real-life situations.

Having humble beginnings as an innocent drawing to skirt around the rules of a high school assignment Ч Chris couldn't use copyrighted characters , so he improvised by The character became the pride and joy of Chris as he progressively inserted him into a variety of things, from a medallion made in the character's image to a signature on the order to euthanize his elderly pet dog.

Even as Chris replaced his own character as the protagonist of the comic, the character and its lore expanded greatly into Chris's idea to get his "original" character turned into a sustainable franchise. Years after Chris's glory days on the internet, Chris was brainwashed into thinking that his creation was real, and that he and his family were all half-Sonichu. This line of thinking progressed to its natural conclusion in , as due to his inability to attend BABSCon in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic , Chris resorted to claiming that he was possessed by Sonichu while he possessed Sonichu's body in Dimension C to attend BABScon as planned in that timeline as a coping mechanism.

Even though the intended dates for that convention have come and passed, Chris would continue to roleplay as Sonichu for ten full months until stopping on 25 February [5] , thanks to the influence of an enabler.

Chris revealed on his Wikipedia page that Sonichu is a product of a computer graphics class. In March , Chris had to create a CD album cover for an assignment. Despite being a ridiculously simple project, with infinite possibilities for a possible CD cover, Chris still struggled with the assignment, because he could not use copyrighted characters. It seemed as if Chris's usual technique of "cover everything with shitty video game characters" wouldn't work this time But then, inspiration struck:.

After checking with Miss. Thus, an Internet legend, Sonichu, was born. The comic began shortly thereafter: Chris drew a few short comics in the following four years which eventually appeared in Sonichu 0. The comic was completed and released in , five years after Sonichu's conception and to think people bitch about waiting a few months for new comics to come out Sonichu's character design has changed little since Chris' first ill-inspired scrawling.

Due to Megan 's influence read: wanting her sweet, wet china , Sonichu took on a more anime-like appearance. However, despite drawing Sonichu for two decades, Chris has somehow managed to maintain the drawing skills of a six-year-old. Over time, Chris's improvised drawing went from being a small part of his life to get around a creative impasse to an unhealthy obsession. He started including the character wherever he could, down to wearing the medallion and expecting everyone to know what his creation is.

In the present day, he thinks that he is somehow half-Sonichu, and has spent the better part of a year role-playing as his OC. What would later become known as "Sonichu" hatched as a Pichu on 17 March , [3] which interestingly enough is also the exact birth date of Chris's cherished dog Patti. Sonic the Hedgehog attempted to defeat the creature using the six Seven though two are identical Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic.

In the midst of this epic battle, Sonic bumped into a Pikachu who happened upon the scene. This collision somehow mutated the Pikachu so that it evolved to possess the physical characteristics and abilities of Sonic Sonic himself was unchanged.

Showing the same callousness his creator does after a great loss, Sonichu made no attempt to find them, nor did he never mention them again. He went on to refer to Chris as his father. While Sonichu had gained new abilities from his transformation, his larger size made it impractical for him to forage for nuts and berries in the forest.

Upon discovering Rosechu in the woods, he hoped to beg for food from her trainer, Kel and thus stalked Rosechu back to her and Kel's cabin, whereupon he introduced himself to them. Rosechu was immediately attracted to Sonichu for such qualities as being unable to name his favorite color. Their whirlwind romance was quickly consummated, and the two became passionate lovers. CWCville 's Mayor, Christian Weston Chandler , congratulated him for his victory; Sonichu in turn commended his creator's work on the Sonichu comics and wished him luck in his Love Quest.

Black Sonichu unironically dubbed Blachu was sent to capture Rosechu to lure Sonichu into a trap; however Giovanni and Robotnik did not reckon on Sonichu joining forces with Sonic. One day while zapping to the extreme, Sonichu encountered The Destiny Cave, a mysterious Cherokian chamber guarded by an old man. The keeper of the Destiny Cave explained that Sonichu was the prophesied creature whose master would enter the cave and receive special powers.

Sonichu reported this to Christian, and took him back to the cave. There, they learned the Anchuent Prophecy , which revealed that Chris is the reincarnation of his Cherokian ancestor and foretold of the release of an ancient evil.

Sonichu blamed himself for allowing this evil force to escape, but Chris reassured him. After Chris took on the powers of Chris-chan Sonichu , transforming him into a hedgehog, Sonichu helped him adjust to his new powers and body. No sooner had Chris-Chan mastered these abilities when he and his son were ambushed by Wes-Li Sonichu , the reincarnation of the head of the Wasabi Clan , who sought to renew the hostilities between the Wasabis and Cherokees.

Saramah Rosechu , the reincarnation of the wife of Chris's ancestor, intervened to stop the battle. Sonichu and these three prophesied hedgehogs formed a tenuous alliance to defeat a giant golem monster summoned by Mary Lee Walsh and Count Graduon. Sonichu led this newly formed Chaotic Combo into battle against Blachu, defeating him utterly.

Sonichu joins Chris in delivering the final blow to Walsh, unleashing a Thunder attack that combines with Chris's Curse-ye-ha-me-ha to seemingly vaporize her.

Sonichu contributed relatively little to this battle, as Chris did most of the heavy lifting. In the aftermath of the attack, during which Crystal was imprisoned in Count Graduon's Dark Mirror Hole , Sonichu confided to Rosechu about dreams of seeing his creator with long hair in a mirror.

Sonichu largely hung back as Chris battled his homosexual evil twin. Magi-Chan and Sonichu ask Blake what he knows about Naitsirhc's transformation, but don't get much useful information. After the threat of Reldnahc was eliminated, Chris, Magi-Chan, and Sonichu pooled their efforts to retrieve one of the seven Sonichu Balls from Magi-chan created a sphere to contain them, which Sonichu's tremendous speed would accelerate backwards through time.

Although they successfully obtained the Sonichu Ball and returned to the present, Chris was lost in the time stream. Sonichu was disheartened by the disappearance of his father, but was able to console Rosechu so that she would be willing to have sex with him. Most notably, the site had pictures of Rosechu with a penis -- pictures which caused Sonichu to collapse into violent nausea.

When Howell refused to remove the offending content from his website, Sonichu attacked him in an rage, but was easily defeated. It instead fell to Rosechu to teach Howell a lesson by shoving her breasts and pussy in his face while eating his brain. At the start of the issue, Sonichu is staring at his wife's panties like a horny mutt when he decides to tell her about some "not so good news" he read on the internet.

Sonichu complains that a bunch of homos made a balloon of him for a gay pride parade. Sonichu then rants about how totally straight he and everyone else in Cwcville is before raging like a lunatic and breaking a bunch of shit in the garage. Rosechu, instead of reacting with shock or being upset about the stuff he just carelessly broke, just smiles like a Stepford Wife and says some feel-good nonsense.

When they find out that forces of evil have attacked CWCville, the two run off to fight off the villains. Sonichu and Rosechu fight off Jerkops together, but Rosechu's battle confidence is short-lived as she is quickly captured by Robotnik and Giovanni. Sonichu stalls Giovanni long enough for Bionic to come in and save him. Sonichu sobs incoherently over his wife, who wasn't even unconcious let alone seriously injured. Sonichu and his wife rushed off to face the evil Mary Lee Walsh, crying over the death of Ivy on the way over, before Sonichu finally battles Mary Lee Walsh one-on-one.

When granted the opportunity to finish the primary villain once and for all, Sonichu released her in order to allow his father to grab all the glory of defeating her in the next issue.

He rejoins Chris at Alec Benson Leary's house, where Sonichu rids Alec's characters of their Asperger's and homosexuality, turning them into another group of bland, personality-less Sonic fan characters. After the predetermined verdict, Sonichu took part in Alec's brutal execution, angrily insisting that he wasn't gay.

In Episode 22, Sonichu is seen preparing for Christmas , doing things like hanging stocking above the fireplace with his son Robee , going to the supermarket, and clearing snow off of his lawn. Later on, Sonichu and Robee encounter a homeless woman and decide, against the supposed spirit of Christmas the two had, to send her to a soup hotel.

Sonichu is then seen watching the Nativity Play, of which his daughter Christine is the star as the Virgin Mary. However, she suddenly evolves, and Sonichu is sent home by Rosechu to get some of her clothes.

In Episode 24, Sonichu encounters Sonic the Hedgehog , who, unbeknownst to him, is actually Silvana in disguise. The two converse, with Sonichu talking about the evolution of his other daughter Cera as well as Robee, and Chris's transformation into a Tomgirl, somehow shattering the Sonichu Balls in the process.

Sonichu does not take part in these flashbacks until the end, where he transforms into Ultra Sonichu thanks to the newly formed Sonichite , created after the Sonichu Balls were shattered. Sonichu decides to end the conversation until after lunch, extending the storyline into the next issue. In most of Issue 12, Sonichu is once again relegated to the role of side character while his creator does all the important stuff.

The alternate cover implies there's going to be some tension between Sonichu and his son after his transition, but that never comes up. In spite of all this, he has a central role for the second part of Episode Continuing from where the comic left off last time, Sonichu tells Sonic who is actually Silvana disguised as Sonic because Chris believes somehow this circumvents copyright about his wedding to Rosechu. The story of Sonichu's wedding is mostly ripped off from a fan comic, with the villain removed and all the tension and conflict taken out.

When Rosechu accidentally walks in on Sonichu and a naked Bubbles a fairly tense and admittedly melodramatic moment in the original comic she simply laughs instead of becoming angry. The wedding continues without incident, and the scene simply ends.

Back in the present, Sonichu explains the two had their honeymoon at a local hotel an allusion to Chris and Ivy's wedding comic and rambles about how his wedding was an inspiration to millions of people and he loves all the fanart and stories they make, but gets uncomfortable with the more "heavy" art. He then segues this into a story of how Rosechu injured herself in , resulting in her becoming morbidly obese during bedrest.

Though his daughter shows concern, Sonichu doesn't seem to give a shit at all. This story was written entirely to indulge Chris' then-girlfriend Jessica Quinn 's disgusting fat fetish. Sonichu has a dream where Count Graduon kidnaps Chris and Rosechu and he's forced to endure a gauntlet of challenges, the first of which is swimming through a river of pickle brine.

Even though Sonichu despises pickles, he still turns into a big fat slag. The sight of a absurdly fat Sonichu with manboobs will haunt the dreams of many for years. Sonichu immediately loses the weight in the next challenge, where he's forced to crawl through a Freudian-looking tunnel. Finally, he's given two doors: one to save Chris, and one to save Rosechu. He chooses Rosechu, but they both easily save Chris after, and they all have a group hug.

This dream is finally brought to an end when Sonichu is crushed and nearly suffocated under his fat wife's form.

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