What are some fun facts about spain

what are some fun facts about spain

84 Interesting Facts About Spain That You Should Know

Apr 27, †Ј 5 x Spain Facts for Kids The name УEspanaФ comes from the word Hispania, which was the adopted name by the Romans, originally from the name Ispania, which means the land of the rabbits in Carthaginian. Ispania was the name used by the Carthaginians, who came around tiktokdat.comted Reading Time: 6 mins. Jul 06, †Ј Here are some Spain fun facts that will leave you with a smile. Nudity is entirely legal in Spain. Technically, you can go anywhere in the country wearing nothing but your birthday suit, and you wonТt get into trouble with the law. This is providing youТre not acting obscenely, of tiktokdat.comted Reading Time: 6 mins.

Reading fun facts about Spain is not quite the same as traveling around Spain. And the Spanish culture is definitely something special. The following 20 Spanish facts are handpicked carefully to not only entertain you but also to give an idea of what living in the sun-kissed country really is. Sweet orange was taken to Europe in the late 15th century by Italian and Portuguese merchants. The first orange tree in the Americas is considered to be planted by Christopher Columbus on his second what order is the harry potter series in The chocolate went the other way.

While in my home country, we watch the president giving a speech and eat banitsa with fortunes, people in Ecuador burn scarecrows while the Danes break some plates. Spain, of course, has its own quirky tradition. If not Ч well Ч you have a whole year to practice. I mean, we all know Spaniards used to travel a lot and spread their language and culture all around the globe.

With million native speakers, only Chinese Mandarin can top it 1. The fun Spanish fact here is that not all people in the country of Spain speak Spanish.

The beaches, thoughЕ. They are even predicted to have the longest life expectancy bybeating long-time front runners Ч What are some fun facts about spain. According to this Predimed studythe main reason is the olive oil-rich Mediterranean diet that combats amazingly obesity, high blood pressure, and blood sugar.

If you ask me, the food definitely plays its part, but the key to immortality is the combination with an everyday siesta. As far as facts about Spain goes, this one is a bit controversial.

A story that basically invented fiction giving the reader a chance to see the world through its eccentric characters. Many people argue that Don Quixote is the whatsapp for samsung sgh e250 immense contribution Spain has made to the world.

Considering the fact there are monuments of the peculiar knight and his loyal squire Sancho Panza pretty much everywhere, I tend to agree. The most famous ones are the Alhambra fortress in How to make a wood fired hot water system, the works of Antoni Gaudi including Sagrada Familia in Barcelonaand the pilgrimage route Ч Camino de Santiago.

Well, at least once a year, they do. The festival is incredibly popular, attracting nearly 40, people every year.

Next year they repeated the battle this time on purposeand a tradition was born. This is one of the most peculiar facts about Spain and also one of my favorites. You know how in the English-speaking countries and Denmarkwhen kids lose a tooth, they leave it under their pillow, and during the night, the Tooth Fairy replaces it with cash?

If you listen to anthems only on the Olympics, this may not sound that bizarre to you, but in reality, most national anthems do have lyrics. But do you know that Spain is also incredibly hilly? The name Spain comes from the Roman Hispania. Spaniards culture has some undeserved reputation for being lazy. The world-famous siestas afternoon naps portrait Spainards as people who prefer chilling instead of working. The truth is, however, they just have a different rhythm than most Europeans. Lunch is typically between 1 and 3 pm, and dinner around 10 pm.

We continue the fun facts about Spain with something peculiar. Do you know that Madrid is not only the administrative center of Spain but also the physical one? Placed inthe plaque was mistakenly turned around in but fixed again in More than 83 million tourists visited Spain in does not countbeating the United States, China, and Italy.

This is one of the craziest Spanish facts. You may also be familiar with the corrida bullfighting. But do you know that they held a nine-day festival every year in Pamplona where bulls are let go on the streets to chase people. No, not people dressed in bull costumes, real Ч live Ч bulls!

Bull-running is one of the most cherished Spanish traditions dating all the how to get late fees removed from credit report back to the 14th century.

Even though there were countless injuries and even 15 deaths, close to 20, adventure seekers run the race every year. We continue with a Spanish fact for the foodies.

It was opened in by Frenchman Jean Botin and his wife and keeps on serving its specialty Ч cochinillo asado roast suckling pig to this day. One of the most peculiar Spanish facts is about a village where people have the otherwise rare surname of Japon.

The last of our fun Spanish facts is about names. Probably everybody knows that the names in the Spanish culture are long and sometimes even repeats itself. Have you been to Spain? Some of the above are affiliate links and I will earn a percentage what are some fun facts about spain the sale if you purchase through them at no extra cost to you.

This helps keep my site running Ч so thanks in advance for your support! From an early age, there was only one thing Slavi wanted - to go everywhere and see everything. Your email address will not be published. Ahoy there! See More Table of Contents hide. Spain discovered oranges and chocolate. Spanish is everywhere.

Nudity is ok. Spaniards live a lot. Spain gave the first how to join the dark brotherhood in oblivion novel to the world. Spaniards fight with tomatoes. The Tooth Fairy is a mouse. Spanish anthem has no words. Spain is not just beaches. Spain is a bar nation. The Land of Rabbits. Spaniards live on a different rhythm.

Madrid is the physical center of How to make angel jewelry. Spain has the second biggest tourism industry in the world. Bull running. Oldest restaurant in the world. City of samurais. Double surname. About The Author. Slavi From an early age, there was only one thing Slavi wanted - to go everywhere and see everything. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Jun 05, †Ј 36 Facts About Spain 1. Many believe the name Spain diverged from the word Ispania, which means the land of rabbits. tiktokdat.comted Reading Time: 5 mins.

Spain is a diverse country in the South of Europe where I once lived for four years, in a small town called Moraira , and where I now find myself living again, but this time in Valencia. In a way, Spain has it all: beautiful beaches, good ski slopes, amazing cities, and great food. Here I want to share some facts about Spain with you Ч some positive, some negative and some funny while others are disturbingЕ But all these facts will help paint a picture of this diverse country!

Many believe the name Spain diverged from the word Ispania , which means the land of rabbits. With just over , sq. Spain had one of the fastest-growing populations in Europe in the early s. But in , Spain had the lowest average birth rate of any country in the world , at just 1. It is predicted that around , immigrants need to enter Spain each year to balance the declining number of young people. Over , tomatoes are thrown. One of the most famous festivals in Spain is the Running of Bulls.

It occurs on St. Over 1 million people attend the festival. Unfortunately, this is not a fun fact about Spain at all. The bulls are tortured and killed.

You can find more information here. Bullfighting has been a popular sport in Spain for thousands of years. Called corridas , bullfights are considered either a contest of art and skill or a cruel sport.

Although slowly more places ban bullfights, in many other towns and cities bullfighting still takes place. Spain has the highest number of bars out of all the countries in the EU. The most popular type of music in Spain is Flamenco. Flamenco is thought to have been developed by the Moors who brought it to Spain from North Africa in the early A.

It has been influenced by Andalusian, Islamic, Sephardic, and Gypsy cultures. There is no tooth fairy in Spain but rather a tooth mouse called Ratoncito Perez. Spanish, or Castilian, is the official language. Various regional languages have co-official or recognized status in specific territories and a number of unofficial languages and dialects are spoken in certain localities.

Spanish is an official language in 20 countries and spoken in many other countries. There are more native Spanish speakers than native English speakers in the world. The Moors occupied Spain for years; consequently, over 4, Arabic words and Arabic-derived phrases have been absorbed into the Spanish language.

In , Spain was the second most visited country in the world , with This marked the seventh consecutive year of record-beating numbers. A useful fact about Spain: tipping is not common , especially for cheap dinners. Smoking is still very popular in Spain. Spain has the lowest age of consent for sexual activity in Europe at 13 years old. Spain has a very low divorce rate and few children are born outside of marriage.

An estimated , women work in prostitution in Spain. A large percentage of these women were trafficked. One of the weird facts about Spain and one that I keep forgetting about in summer : Driving in flip flops is illegal. Spain is home to a type of tailless monkey , the macaque, which is the only type of wild monkey that lives in Europe.

Real Madrid is the most popular club in the world with over million supporters. In , the Pope gave the Spanish King, Ferdinand V, the power to initiate the Spanish Inquisition, during which people were tortured to prove they were true Christians.

Thousands of converts fled Spain as the Inquisition spread fear across Europe. During the first 50 years of the Inquisition, 5, people were executed. The Inquisition was finally abolished in The country experienced a civil war which killed over , people. The victorious General Francisco Franco ruled as a brutal dictator until his death in After his defeat, Spain began to transform itself into a modern, industrial, and democratic European nation.

Spain is one of the most decentralized democracies in Europe. Each of its 17 regions manages its own school, hospitals, and other public services. Or check out this overview of all articles about Spain.

Created by Mar y San Design. Lucia St. Are you looking for interesting facts about Spain? Spain has over km miles of beaches. The majority of the Spanish are roman catholic.

More than million people worldwide speak Spanish as a native language. Same-sex marriage has been legal in Spain since There are no laws against public nudity in Spain. Spain is the only country in Europe that produces bananas. Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world. Soccer is the most important sport. Spain was not part of the first or second world war. I hope you enjoyed this wide range of interesting, disturbing, and fun facts about Spain!

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