What are some really good books for teenage girls

what are some really good books for teenage girls

Books that every teen girl should read/ have read

Apr 07,  · There's a reason Harry Potter boasts legions of dedicated fans and holds the tile for best-selling book series of all time – it really is that good. J.K. Rowling creates an impossibly intricate. Apr 12,  · Alternately darkly funny and tragically sad, Satrapi’s excellent book humanizes her homeland and provides a fascinating look at how vastly different life for teenage girls .

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Suzanne Collins. Cassandra Clare Goodreads Author. Stephen Chbosky. Jay Asher Goodreads Author. Gayle Forman Goodreads Author. Stephanie Perkins Goodreads Author. Rainbow Rowell Goodreads Author. Rick Riordan Goodreads Author. Laurie Halse Anderson Goodreads Author. Anne Frank. Lauren Oliver Goodreads Author. Roald Dahl. Harper Lee. Cecelia Ahern. Kody Keplinger Goodreads Author. Louisa May Alcott. Lois Lowry Goodreads Author. Markus Zusak Goodreads Author. Meg Cabot Goodreads Author.

Ally Condie Goodreads Author. Nikki Moyes Goodreads Author. Gail Carson Levine Goodreads Author. James Dashner Goodreads Author. Jenny Han Goodreads Author. Simone Elkeles Goodreads Author. Beatrice Sparks as "Anonymous". Jenny Downham. William Goldman. Jane Austen. Scott O'Dell. Katherine Paterson. Lauren Layne. Jamie McGuire Goodreads Author. Wendelin Van Draanen Goodreads Author. Elizabeth Eulberg Goodreads Author. Maya Angelou.

Becca Fitzpatrick Goodreads Author. Lauren Barnholdt Goodreads Author. Emma Donoghue Goodreads Author. Sarah Dessen Goodreads Author. Laura Wiess. Ruta Sepetys Goodreads Author. Ellen Hopkins Goodreads Author. Jodi Picoult Goodreads Author. Jerry Spinelli. Shari J.

Ryan Goodreads Author. Apryl Baker Goodreads Author. Abbi Glines Goodreads Author. Judy Blume Goodreads Author. Orson Scott Card. Diana Gabaldon Goodreads Author. Jean Craighead George. Trenton Lee Stewart Goodreads Author. Jessica Day George Goodreads Author. Jo Knowles Goodreads Author. Ray Bradbury. William Shakespeare. Julie Camper Goodreads Author. Janice G. Ross Goodreads Author.

Maggie Stiefvater Goodreads Author. Maddy Lederman Goodreads Author. Danzy Senna. Lockhart Goodreads Author. Fannie Flagg. Richelle Mead Goodreads Author.

Veronica Roth Goodreads Author. Tammara Webber Goodreads Author. Tamora Pierce Goodreads Author. Sonya Sones Goodreads Author. Katie McGarry Goodreads Author. Melina Marchetta Goodreads Author. Elizabeth Scott Goodreads Author. Margaret Peterson Haddix. Patricia McCormick. Sara Zarr Goodreads Author. Sara Shandler. Kaitlyn Oruska Goodreads Author. Claribel Ortega. Flagging a list will send it to the Goodreads Customer Care team for what is the meaning of hibernating. We take abuse seriously in our book lists.

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Apr 21,  · These books for teens, by literary legends like Harper Lee and J.D. Salinger and modern novelists including J.K Rowling and John Green, will show your teenager the best that being a . Covey uses real-life stories from around the world to show teens how to succeed in school, make good friends, get along with parents, wisely handle dating and sex issues, avoid addictions, build self-esteem, and more. Covey also uses quotes, quizzes, and cartoons to keep teens interested and inspired. Best for Self-Esteem: Do Hard Things. The Best Young-Adult Books of All Time We’re living in a golden age of young-adult literature, when books ostensibly written for teens are equally adored by readers of every generation. In.

Books can take you anywhere. They have the extraordinary ability to take us to different worlds through the eyes and thoughts of a main character or narrator. Their experiences so feel real as we read on to see what happens next. Some leave you thinking about what just happened, inspire you in your own life in different ways and help you deal with heavy topics. Others can teach you about the world around you, but books can also just be a fun way to pass the time.

Since you could read every day of your life and never pick up the same book twice, it's tough to know where to start. That's why we've narrowed down the most inspiring, exciting, pull-you-in books that every single teenager should read. These are the best-of-the-best stories to finish before you turn Once, in my writing class, the teacher asked which book students read over and over again. Half the class said Perks of Being a Wallflower.

The book captures the teenage experience so poignantly, it's a necessity for all teens. Go along with Charlie as he struggles to find love, make friends, and recover from a traumatic past. This coming-of-age series follows a group of childhood best friends all the way from high school to college. The girls share their ups and downs as they turn from teenagers into adults, documenting it all on a pair of pants that magically fit each girl perfectly. After the tragic death of her sister, Julia attempts to keep her family together and live up to her sister's memory.

Follow along as she struggles to find herself and cope with the pressures and stereotypes of growing up in a Mexican-American household.

A book that dives deep into the pressures of being successful at a young age and how mental health can take a toll on your life. It's real, honest, raw and continues to be relevant even today. After getting a call from DeathCast, a service that lets people know when it's their final day to live, two boys come together to spend their last day on earth learning about life and love.

Adam Silvera brings these characters to life in a heart-pounding novel that will make you look at life differently than ever before. You've already seen the sensational film, but the book it's based on is a must-read. Like the movie, it tells the story of two teens trying to live their lives to the fullest, even though their time is limited.

It's beautifully written and the incredible, heartbreaking romantic storyline will leave you in tears. After growing up listening to his grandfather's wild tales of the supernatural, Jacob Portman discovers that everything he said was true.

On a trip to Wales with his father, Jacob accidentally uncovers a secret world of supernatural children trapped in time. Follow the thrilling tale, illustrated with strange and unusual vintage photographs found by the author. This riveting novel puts the police brutality and racial injustice prevalent in today's society into perspective.

The Hate U Give is now thought of as one of the best pieces of young adult literature in history, continuing to break records today. Stella Grant and Will Newman fall in love after meeting while their hospital stays overlap. Because of their chronic respiratory illnesses, it's important that they always stay six feet apart.

But their feelings for each other are so strong they decide to get closer even if it's only by one foot. Emoni is a young mom. Ever since she got pregnant in high school, she's struggled to take care of not only herself but her daughter and Abuela. Regardless, she still has big dreams and wants to become a chef even though it's been pushed aside while she takes care of her loved ones.

Despite this, she finds herself in the kitchen and might have the chance to make her dreams come true. This story is all about high school girl Meg Murry who's trying to bring her dad back home. The first in a four-book series, Meg meets a stranger one night who informs her of a tesseract that will help her travel through dimensions. Along with her brother Charles and her friend Calvin, they travel to find out what exactly happened to Mr.

Murry and take him back to their reality. Three girls in the eighth grade all have to deal with the aftermath when an anonymous list goes viral naming the 50 prettiest girls in school. Eve makes it to the top but doesn't like how everyone is suddenly objectifying her. Sophie used to have Eve's spot, but now that she's been ranked number two, she's being bullied because of it.

Then, there's Nessa. She doesn't make the list at all but she's being bullied because of her weight. When these three find each other, they band together to bring the list's creator down.

Geraldine isn't doing so well and she tries to get her life together in Toronto after a breakup. It doesn't help that her friends Sunny and Rachel took off to New York forever ago and seem to be living their best lives.

Geraldine wants the same for herself, so she packs up and does the same. But everyone is dealing with their own issues and their friendships get called into question. Twelve-year-old Alberta is used to being the only Black girl in her California town. But one day learns that the new owners of the bed and breakfast by her are black and they have a daughter the same age as her.

She wants to become friends with Edie, but while she loves her California life, Edie is missing the streets of Brooklyn. When the two find old journals in Edie's attic, they go on a journey to find out who they belonged to and find out some deep secrets of the past. A plane full of teen beauty pageant contests is headed to the girl's biggest show ever until their plane crashes.

Stuck on a deserted island, they all struggle to stay alive. But holding onto their glamorous, high-end lifestyles will definitely get in their way. Melinda is about to enter high school, but before she starts this new chapter in her life, she is raped. She tries to go on with life like it never happened, but her depression gets worse over time and she begins skipping school and hanging out with some not-so-great people.

Eventually, she meets a friend and finds the courage to speak up and defend herself. This book series has given us one of the most romantic set of movies in years.

The To All the Boys films follow Lara Jean, a high school student keeps writes letters to guys she's fallen in love with and keeps them in a box in her room. That becomes a problem when all of those letters get mailed to the boys they're addressed to and Lara has to deal with the aftermath. A Mexican-American girl named Esperanza lives in Chicago. At 12 years old, she's finally settling down with her family on Mango street after moving frequently.

Following a year of her life, we get to see the main character start to develop into the woman she's met to become while fighting against gender stereotypes, racism and physical and sexual violence. Behold: the series that changed my life.

There's a reason Harry Potter boasts legions of dedicated fans and holds the tile for best-selling book series of all time — it really is that good. Rowling creates an impossibly intricate magical world that will have you reaching for the series time and again I've literally read it 30 times and I CANNOT stop.

Junior is an aspiring cartoonist growing up on the Spokane Indian Reservation. He decides to take control of his future, transferring away from his school on the reservation in order to attend an all-white high school nearby. The book is based off of the author's real-life experiences, as he attempts to break away from the life he was born into. You've heard all your friends talking about this book — and for good reason. It's a timeless teen tale, following Simon as he navigates high school life, friendship, and his own biggest secret — that he's gay.

When a fellow classmate accidentally find out and threatens to out him, Simon must come to terms with who he is, while trying to win over the guy of his dreams. Kaye's world is turned upside down when she discovers that the faerie world is real. She finds herself between two of their queens that are looking to do whatever it takes to make sure their followers survive this war that they're in. Author Holly Black creates a majestic world that will leave readers hungry for more.

Read the entire Folk of Air series to follow along Kaye's journey to find her identity as she enters the reams of good vs. In this fun fantasy read with a whole lot of dragons. Two best friends must come to terms with their past and their possible futures, when they compete against each other to lead their city's army in this riveting and eye-opening read.

In her debut novel, Emily X. Pan writes one of the best books about grief after the loss of a loved one. When her mother kills herself, Leigh travels to Taiwan in search for her mother's reincarnation, while grappling with her own guilt. A life-changing event causes Annabel to lose all her friends before her senior year, making her a loner in one of the most important years of her life. However, someone new comes to town and gives her the chance to finally share her side of the story.

Crank is an eye-opening series about how drug use can destroy the life of a person and those around them. It's one of the most realistic depictions of addiction that keeps you on the edge of your seat, wanting to find out what happens next. In a world where everyone can be pretty, most look forward to the day they finally can be accepted into society, thanks to a procedure done on their 16th birthday.

However, Tally Youngblood sees how these ideals are impacting her society for the worse, so she tries to do whatever she can to change it. For years, the Hunger Games was the buzziest book on shelves, but I can promise you, this trilogy deserves alllll the hype. It's a thrilling tale of a post-apocalyptic society where the government forces teenagers to kill each other on live television. Only the winner makes it out of the arena alive. Speak is a beautifully-written novel about a teen suffering from depression after a traumatic life experience.

The story is emotional and raw, but still, one that all teen girls should hear. This book, which is the first in a series, is directed towards a younger audience around years-old. It's the first dystopian book I ever read and changed me for life. Type keyword s to search.

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