What does music magpie buy

what does music magpie buy

MusicMagpie: the worst way to sell DVDs?

Music Magpie is a company where you can sell your old unwanted stuffs like DVDs, CDs, games, mobile phones and so on or, you can buy those second hand stuffs which other people have sold in it. You can also earn money from the affiliate program of musicMagpie, means the commission on the sales of its stuffs. At musicMagpie you can sell all kinds of unwanted stuff like CDs, DVDs, Games, Books, Phones, Tablets, Games Consoles & LEGO®. Here you can find out about all of the items you can sell here at .

Then having to sort out the postage and packing, plus there was no guarantee that I was going to sell them. This makes MusicMagpie the easiest option to take. There is one other point to take into account and that is if there is anything missing or the cases are damaged in anyway, you will not get any money for them, nor will MusicMagpie send them back to you.

Previously you had to enter visual web developer how to the numbers to the bar-codes in by hand, but now you can get a bar-code scanner for your web cam. Plus if you have either an iPhone or use an Android Smart phone, you can download the free App. This really does make things so much easier and much better than typing in bar-codes by hand.

After you have entered all the bar-code data you are then given a choice depending on the amount you have submitted. You can either arrange for collection by a Courier, or you can post the parcels at the Post Office. With the Courier Service you arrange a day for pick up and they come and collect for free.

For sending through the Post Office you will be sent some Freepost labels or you can print off the labels and write the details on the box. The approximate amount of time it takes for MusicMagpie to receive the items and check them is three weeks. There is a Freebies section which has free offers, competitions to enter, plus ways to make some extra cash online. I have read the odd story about people having issues when dealing with MusicMagpie, but these only appear to be minor issues related to the value of goods and do not in any way suggest it is a scam.

By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by Work From Home Watchdog. Have you tried discussing this with the Music Magpie live support? You can access that on the following page:. The courier came to pick up the delivery of my old ps2 games on Wednesday 10th April, which was all well and good but I forgot to ask whether I would get an email confirming the items are being looked at and that MusicMagpie would keep me informed?

Would I be getting an email telling me some estimated timings for things and how long it would roughly take for the money to go into the bank? Initialially i was very happy with Music Magpie. I enetered all the dvd and blueray barcodes and had the prices they would pay quoted, which although quite low we were happy to accept.

I was then kept informed of what was happening, and did eventually recieve the payment. However, when it was confirmed by email how much i would be recieiving, i noticed it was lower than was originally quoted.

I queried this with the customer servcies team, and was told that 2 of the barcodes didnt match. This was incorrect, as the music magpie system what is xp mode in windows 7 professional recognised the barcodes when i entered them online.

The reason that either the machine or individual who looked at the 2 dvds in question thought they didnt match, was because there was a blockbuster sticker over the top, which could easily be read through or peeled off.

I emailed the customer how to find postal zip codes 3 times over the space of a month about this in December, none of which i ever recieved a reply to, and then purely out of principle i wrote a letter of complaint to the company at the end of December, which again i havnt recieved a reply to.

The actual process, i had no problems with, as it does what it says it will do, and we recieved the funds, but the customer service side of the company is absolutely shocking, and there is a complete lack of care or interest in resolving any problems. Thank you for your comment. And I am very sorry this has happened to you.

Is there a US equivalent to this service besides Ebay? Sounds convenient to be able to make cash for them right away instead of waiting forever for them to sell on ebay.

Thank you very much for your comment. Yes, there is a US equivalent. I had a scheduled collection between 8am-8pm on the 5th January but nobody turned up. I would what does music magpie buy you telephone them to find out the reason why.

Thanks for the reply. It was for yesterday and nobody turned up again. Hi Why do they pay so low? I expect they have to sell them on and it depends on what they can get for them.

Their costs have to be covered one way or another. But I do accept there are always going to be problems with using any service especially when you have to post or have items picked up by a Courier. Everything is dealt via second class post so it does take a while. As for using Cash Converters, I have never used them but you would have the advantage of doing this in person which undoubtedly is going to be much faster. You may also like.

Hi Terry, Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Hi Lauren, It normally takes about three weeks for you to receive your cheque. Hi Reece, Thank you for your comment. Hi Drew, Thank you very much for your comment. Hi Neil, Thanks for the reply. Hi Jay, I expect they have to sell them on and it depends on what they can get for them.

Hi Womperone, Thank you for your comment.

How musicMagpie works

Entertainment Magpie Limited t/a Music Magpie is registered in England and Wales No Entertainment Magpie Limited t/a Music Magpie acts as a broker and offers credit from Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavagen 46, 34 Stockholm, Sweden. Finance provided by PayPal Credit. Terms and conditions apply. Jun 08,  · At the time of writing, for instance, musicMagpie would buy a used CD of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon for 46 pence and sell it for ? The . Oct 12,  · How musicMagpie works The firm allows users to cash in on their old CDs, DVDs and computer games. You can enter the barcode from the DVD, CD or game’s box on the website, and it will give you a quote for how much cash you’ll get from the firm for it.

Inside the package was a used Queer as Folk box set — each of the pre-owned discs carefully checked to ensure they were scratch-free and ready to play as soon as the delivery reached its new owner. The destination? Vatican City. Its bread and butter are albums of a bygone era. As soon as the latest title is released, people rush to box up and sell off their old games, along with other discs cluttering up their homes.

This is how the company builds its vast and ever-changing store of used items. Every month, musicMagpie sells two million of these pre-owned items and buys in another two million to replace them. In , it started buying pre-owned books; it now receives 10, every day — chief among them, Fifty Shades of Grey.

On both Amazon and eBay, where the company does most of its business, musicMagpie has racked up more transactions than any other seller.

At the time of writing, it had over one million items listed on its eBay store alone. Music-industry veteran Oliver founded the company with old Stockport friend and fellow former workmate at high-street retailer Music Zone, Walter Gleeson, in late , just as the financial crisis started to take hold in the UK. For half of those items, it holds just a single copy at any time.

This razor-thin stock margin is maintained by an algorithm that sets prices by analysing the rate at which an item is sold, its cost and what it sells for on other platforms. The result? Big profits. Making a good margin on the classics is critical, since musicMagpie accepts everything sellers send. Sellers make a fraction of what they could earn from selling directly on Amazon or eBay, but they benefit from the convenience of getting rid of everything in one go.

Since musicMagpie then sells these items en masse, it can squeeze out more profit per item by securing discounts on postage and automating parts of the packing process.

The company also has a deal with the UK budget retailer Poundland, through which it sells , refurbished discs. At the time of writing, selling the CD to musicMagpie would net you just 11 pence. But the market is waning, so Oliver is looking beyond physical media. A small team of phone technicians refurbish every device they receive, replacing the battery and screen if necessary, before reboxing and reselling it in the UK and abroad.

In early , the company launched a similar service in the US, now called decluttr, that is already a third as large as the UK business. Until then, it separated its buying and selling brands, calling itself Zoverstocks on Amazon and eStocks on eBay. The platforms bring musicMagpie a huge audience, but in exchange they take a cut of each sale — and, just as importantly, retain all the brand recognition.

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