What is a link in computer terms

what is a link in computer terms

Learn More About Hyperlinks and How They Work

Nov 04,  · 1. When referring to communications, a link is a connection between two devices. 2. In data management or a file system, a link refers to the capability of sharing or viewing shared information. 3. On the Internet, a link is more appropriately referred to as a hyperlink and is what connects web pages to other web pages. 4. 1) Using hypertext, a link is a selectable connection from one word, picture, or information object to another. In a multimedia environment such as the World Wide Web, such objects can include sound and motion video sequences. The most common form of link is the highlighted word or picture that can be selected by the user (with a mouse or in some other fashion), resulting in the immediate delivery and Estimated Reading Time: 50 secs.

A hyperlink is a link on the web termd some other resource. It uses a special kind of command that jumps to some other content in a web browser, usually to another page. Most web pages are filled with dozens of hyperlinks, each sending the visitor to some related web page, picture, or file. Search results are another easy way to observe hyperlinks; search for anything in BingGoogleDuckDuckGoor another search engine, and every result is a hyperlink to the different web pages that show up in the results.

A computeg can even point to a specific section of a web page and not just the primary page using what's called an anchor. You'll know that something is a hyperlink when your mouse pointer changes to a pointing finger. Hyperlinks either appear as images or as what do eosinophils do in the body words or phrases. Sometimes, hyperlinks also take the termz of drop-down menus or tiny animated movies or advertisements. No matter how they appear, all hyperlinks what is a link in computer terms the same basic terrms.

Clicking a hyperlink is all it takes to activate the jump command. When you click after the cursor changes to a pointing finger, the hyperlink commands the web browser to load the target web page. If you like the target page, stay and read it. If you want computeg reverse back to the original web page, click the Back button on the browser, or press the Backspace key.

Hyperlinking and reversing is the daily routine of browsing the web. That way, instead of the link possibly opening in the same tab wha removing what you're viewing, press and hold the Ctrl key as you click the link to make it open in a new tab. However, many web editors, email clientsand text editing apps have built-in tools to create hyperlinks. You'll then be asked where you want the link to point to, which is where you enter a URL compuyer another web page, to a video, an image, or another source on the web.

The other way is to edit the HTML file that the text exists on, something that the creator of the web page has authority to do. That is, to insert a line like this into the page:. Cpmputer the code above and modify it to work it into your own wnat. You can also play around with this code over at JSFiddle.

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Sep 01,  · (1) In communications, a link is a line or channel over which data is transmitted. (2) In data management systems, a link is a pointer to another record. You can connect one or more records by inserting links into them. (3) In some operating systems (UNIX, for example), a link is a pointer to a file. Jul 18,  · A hyperlink is a link on the web to some other resource. It uses a special kind of command that jumps to some other content in a web browser, usually to another tiktokdat.comted Reading Time: 2 mins.

A link short for hyperlink is an HTML object that allows you to jump to a new location when you click or tap it. Links are found on almost every webpage and provide a simple means of navigating between pages on the web. Links can be attached to text, images, or other HTML elements. Most text links are blue, since that is standard color web browsers use to display links. In the early days of the web, links were underlined by default.

Today, underlining links is less common. When a link is applied to an image, the link tag encapsulates, or surrounds the image tag. Since the image tag is nested inside the link tag, the image itself becomes a link.

The first link above is a "relative link" because it does not include the domain name. Instead the link is relative to the current website. Any internal link on TechTerms. Since the link starts with a forward slash, the path begins with the root directory. If a relative link does not start with a forward slash, the path is relative to the current URL. The second link above is an absolute link because it includes the domain name.

Absolute links are required for external links, which direct you to another website. They may begin with "http" or "https. This page contains a technical definition of Link. It explains in computing terminology what Link means and is one of many Internet terms in the TechTerms dictionary. All definitions on the TechTerms website are written to be technically accurate but also easy to understand. If you find this Link definition to be helpful, you can reference it using the citation links above.

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