What is a peep show in amsterdam

what is a peep show in amsterdam

I Went To A Peep Show In Amsterdam

Oct 31,  · A peep show is a theater in which the paying visitor can see several erotic performers. It offers a variety of sex shows which can be viewed from a small cabin (or booth) which allows one or two persons. The visitor needs to insert at least two euro to start the strip show. In Amsterdam Peep Show Sex Palace it’s two Euro per two minutes. Feb 04,  · Amsterdam's Red Light District is a top tourist attraction, but for those who don't want to go to a live sex show you can check out a peep show in Amsterdam.

I had no intention of partaking in any of the guilty pleasures of Amsterdam. But after a few drinks and some persuasion from my travel companions, I thought: Well why the hell amsterdak My pals and I gulped down our beer, and made our way down to the city's infamous Red Light District. We journeyed past the red-lit windows as women of the night tried to lure our male companions into their booths. We approached a semi-open-air building and exchanged our paper money for coins. It's simply a euro to indulge in the mysteries of an Amsterdam peep show.

You step into the sohw, drop in your amsterfam, and the lights go up. We then saw a middle-aged couple fornicating on a rotating circular red velvet bed. They changed positions every twenty seconds or so, and, honestly, the two of them looked so bored it was comical.

Now, I know the real purpose a lot of these on go to peep shows. After about two minutes the lights go down, and its time for you to step out of your booth, and let the next eager tourist enjoy their time in the exciting booth. I was definitely nervous about attending, but in the end, it is one of the best stories I have from Amsterdam.

Additionally, along this amsterdwm street, you can visit the Museum of Prostitution. Whatever what is method in java programming language stance on the matter is, the museum provided a plethora of information on the safety and regulations the Netherlands has implemented to protect both sex-workers and customers.

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Sep 14,  · It's simply a euro to indulge in the mysteries of an Amsterdam peep show. You have a choice between “virtual” and “real life”. When you decide if you're looking for the screen or real thing, you then walk around a large circle of booths and select “what you want to see.”. The Sex Palace peep show is a sex show where you can watch people performing sexual activities, from a private booth. The seating is arranged in a circular structure and once you put in your money, the booth’s window opens for two minutes. The Sex Palace Peep Show is one of /5. Aug 20,  · Visiting the Amsterdam peep show. Much to our surprise, there is only one Amsterdam peep show left in the whole city back in ! The very originally named “Sex Palace” is situated on the banks of one of the main canals in the heart of the red light district on Oudezijds Achterburgwal street. Walking under the neon flashing lights into the entrance way your senses are assaulted by sights, .

And if you have ever wanted to visit Amsterdam then more than likely you are going to be interested in checking out a peep show in the red light district. There is something about the red light district that draws the punters and tourists alike in. Maybe it is the bright red neon lights that illuminate the darkened alleyways that pull them in like moths to a flame. Or the bars and coffee shops that let a certain smell waft lazily across the glistening canals. When we visited Amsterdam with a couple of friends we actually spent what I now consider an embarrassingly long time in that same area.

The fact is that we seriously could not get enough. The number of guys knocking on windows and being ushered behind the curtains of every room were staggering. I just want to clarify here that it was actually Adela that was the most keen. Much to our surprise, there is only one Amsterdam peep show left in the whole city back in ! Walking under the neon flashing lights into the entrance way your senses are assaulted by sights, sounds and disturbingly smell.

All around the walls are posters and screens showing ladies in various states of undress and positions. A white board lists the movies that you can rent out for your viewing pleasure in one of the many private booths. But we were only there for one thing:. Each of those small doors lead into equally small rooms no larger than a traditional UK phone box. A small covered viewing window blocks your view forward. The money box clinging to the wall to operate the viewing window only accepts coins.

Once you close the door and chuck in your money, the viewing window pops open for 2 minutes and allows you to view the large, slowly-rotating stage on which a scantily-dressed woman displays herself. With her flexibility she could have represented any country in the upcoming Olympics!

I even got a little wave and smile as the girl slowly revolved past my window. The Amsterdam peep show was a little bit creepy. But even though we were there late on a Saturday night the booths were doing a roaring trade.

Obviously nearly everyone else, from the hens parties to the couples, were there for the same reason as us. To check out one or two rounds before heading back into the night giggling like school girls at a sleepover at what we had just done. The shifty eyed single men on the other hand skulked away to their respective viewing windows again and again with pockets full of coins.

If you ever get the chance then we actually do highly recommend taking the plunge and visiting an Amsterdam peep show. Just make sure that you are always respectful of the women in the shows and the ones on the streets! Cole is one half of New Zealand's leading adventure travel blogging couple who have been wearing out their jandals around the world since He loves any adventure activities and anything to do with the water whether it is Surfing, Diving, Swimming, Snorkeling or just lounging nearby on the beach.

I too was surprised at the number of customers that just non-nonchalantly knocked on the window, with so many tourists walking around…. The customers were clearly not ashamed to be seen entering which surprised us.

But I guess with such an open society then why should they be ashamed! Steve Collins. I guess you just had to make the best of a difficult situation. Thanks for taking one for the team so you could let us know about this. Seriously, though, a very interesting post! Cathy Sweeney. I spent a lot of time in the red light district — unintentionally, since I kept walking around in circles in Amsterdam.

But I did find it all very interesting, too. I like your last sentences about being respectful. Good on you for still checking it out when you were alone Cathy! And people need to be respectful as it is sometimes an unfortunate job that they may not have wanted to get in to. Everyone needs to be respectful no matter what your job title is!

Still fifty euros eh? Christy Technosyncratic. But it kind of makes me think of those booths at porn stores where you rent it to watch videos.

I want to go now just to see the people behind the other windows. That sounds like the highlight of the whole experience!! Just watch out which areas you end up in.

There are lady-boy sections, nice looking girls and also apparently a section for older birds! Interesting experience and yet another reason to go to Amsterdam. I did walk around the Red Light District, but never dared to venture in one of its fine establishments! Bobbi Lee Hitchon. I always thought of it just as a generic term, not something specific involving peeping and automated doors. I remember taking a boat ride through the one time I was in Amsterdam.

We were lucky to get to have beer. But I am sure if you knew what it was back then you would have wanted to go! The red light district of Amsterdam. Those silly socially liberal Europeans. Step one regulate it. Step two tax it. Step three?? Step four Profit! Revenue We could use some of that here in the US. Haha good points Kurt. It is a brilliant system and the tax definitely makes it totally worthwhile for the city not to mention regulated and safer for the women.

Tawny of Captain and Clark. Same concept, except scantily clad women eating ramen and taking care of toddlers behind their rose-tinted windows. Hmm the Pink Light district. Might have to check that out when we are travelling through there in another year or so. I will add this to my list for our next stop in Amsterdam…we have walked around the outside of some of these places, but have not yet had the courage to go inside. I was amazed that in Amsterdam, in our room directory in an upscale hotel were listed the hotels recommended prostitute for our pleasure.

It was strange to be in an environment where sex is so open. It is amazing that they are so open about it.

But I guess that is what makes it so safe and why everyone loves it so much! Oh my. You guys are hilarious. I managed to stay out of the red light district when I was there in Decemeber but did take in the cheesy sex museum! Chris Booth. Oh that Sex Museum is hilarious! You are exactly right! I went to this same place with a group of friends in The show itself was depressing, and the cubicles which we nicknamed jizz-booths grubby, but what was worst of all was when we left left the cubicle and stepped back into the passage way — A man had been mopping out one of the cubicles and one of the girls in our group got her feet drizzled on by the jizz-mop as he shuffled past her onto the next one.

Her face was classic. Grim in every way. Cole Burmester. That is so disgusting! But hilarious at the same time. More like R18 than X-Rated. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. A truly beautiful way to spend a few weeks. El Camino de Santiago kicked my ass. Well technically it kicked my feet. Turns out my minimal preparation for the Camino de Santiago was terrible.

The thought of putting back on my shoes made my shudder. One of the travelling fashion sins I vowed I would never break. So while I have unfinished business with the Way of St James an upcoming post , I did want to share with you some of my favourite photos from the Camino de Santiago. There is no way you can get lost on the Camino de Santiago.

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