What is an irc chat

what is an irc chat

Internet Relay Chat

18 rows · Jun 16,  · Developed in August , by Jarkko Oikarinen, IRC is short for Internet . Nov 28,  · Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is an open protocol that allows users with an IRC client to exchange text messages in real time over the Internet. Created by Jarkko Oikarinen in , IRC was one of the first chat systems to allow more than two participants to join in a discussion.

Live chat takes place in twitlive a sign is the typical designation for a "channel" chat room for all shows. We also have helpdesk for ircc questions, and unfiltered and offtopic for discussions not specifically related to the current show.

It was what is the meaning of reduce written by Jarkko Oikarinen in Since starting in Finland, it has been used in over 60 countries around the world.

IRC is a multi-user chat system, where people meet on ir rooms, virtual places, usually with a certain topic of conversation to talk in groups, or privately. There is no restriction to the zn of people that am participate in a given discussion, or the number of channels that can be formed on IRC. For the best experience, you are strongly encouraged to use a standalone IRC client to participate in the chat. On Linux you can use irssi or X-Chat.

Chat client setup for popular IRC clients can be found on this wiki page. The chat client that urc see Leo using on-air is Textual. Some users have found that shat browser Opera which has IRC built-in provides an easy-to-read interface. We want the chat to be a pleasant and safe place for what is the meaning of penitence chatters. The primary focus of this chat is content related to the live shows. Keeping that in mind, these are the rules:.

The chat rules do not cover all possible things that can happen in an active IRC chat. Generally speaking, if you avoid being disruptive to other user's chat experiences, and if you are polite to the younger and less experienced chatters, you will avoid any chance of being removed.

A little thinking before typing goes a long way. People being people, protracted heated arguments some over relevant tech topics, some notpersonality clashes, and other issues arise in IRC just as in real life. If you find yourself arguing with the same person over and over, the following advice cht the late Usenet personality Gharlane of Eddore may prove useful:.

Arguing with idiots is wasted effort. They have no minds to change; and unlike you, nothing better to do with their time. See also this xkcd strip. Bear in mind that the moderators will kick people who are disruptive to the chat, but this often will include both or all of the participants in an ongoing fight. From the outside it is often very difficult to see who is the instigator.

If you just can't get along with someone, consider using the "ignore" feature of your IRC dhat. In most clients you simply have to type:. In decreasing order of privilege, the meaning is as follows.

Users at each level can do anything that users at all following levels can do. The chat moderators are there to keep the channel focused, fun, and friendly. Since the chat is a component of the show, they try to keep the chat on topic. They are all volunteers who help Leo in what is an irc chat free time. The moderators do try to be fair. If you break the rules, you could kicked from the channel, banned from the channel, or banned from what happens when shingles blisters pop IRC server, so, be nice!

The intent is to have fun, make friends, and maybe even learn something, so what should i wear on a date to the movies encourage participation as appropriate! Being kicked or banned from the chat is usually not permanent.

Do not take a kick or ban personally; remember that it is simply the moderators' job to enforce the rules and to ensure a fun and pleasant experience for all participants in the chat. Please do be aware, however, that repeated offenses will be dealt with more harshly. Since every situation is unique, the appropriate action to be taken for a given offense will be left solely at the discretion of the moderators.

Here's another relevant xkcd comic. Remember that the chat moderators do not work in the studio, nor are they show producers. As such, they do not have any control over the content of the video and audio streams. This what is an irc chat both the live and re-run schedules and calendars, and playback issues such as volume levels and buffering.

IRC Chat allows you to reserve your nickname if you are the first person to obtain it. You do this by sending a message to a bot called NickServ short for Nickname Services.

This whaat manages all the registered nicknames on IRC and provides protection for your nickname and its settings. Nicknames that are not logged into for 3 months will expire and will be available for registration by another person.

Replace password with a password of your choice, and fill in your email address in the second section. Use a password that has not been used on any of your other presences online to make it secure. For subsequent joins to the chat after registering your nickname, you will need to identify yourself with NickServ as the true owner of your nickname. You may do this manually, or you may configure your IRC client to do this automatically.

Clients such as X-Chat generally offer a "NickServ Password" field inside of the server settings where you can have the client automatically identify for irrc nickname every time you log in. Consult your client's documentation for more details. This prevents someone from assuming your identity in the future.

If somebody attempts to use your nickname, it will force a nickname change to Guest after 60 seconds if your password is not given. For more information on Nickname Services and what they have to offer, see the IRC Help links at the bottom of the article, or use the command.

During live shows, the influx of chatters can be overwhelming to those not accustomed to busy IRC channels. Fortunately, it is possible to configure your chat client to ignore channel join, part, and quit messages. Here's how:. Jump to: navigationsearch. Category : TWiT Community. Navigation menu Personal tools English Log in Request account. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat

What Does Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Mean?

IRC is a multi-user chat system, where people meet on "channels" (rooms, virtual places, usually with a certain topic of conversation) to talk in groups, or privately. There is no restriction to the number of people that can participate in a given discussion, or the . Jun 25,  · In simple terms, an IRC client is a piece of software that lets users communicate with IRC channels and other users. Some IRC clients, especially their early iterations, are purely text-based while others use more modern and user-friendly GUIs (graphical user interfaces). A popular, multi-OS IRC client WeeChat via Wikipedia. Dec 20,  · IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is an Internet protocol which allows people to communicate with each other in real time in a text based environment, see Wikipedia. However, it .

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What is so special about IRC that hackers use it to do online meetings, ignoring every other option, like messengers or social media? It seems to be very secure that it gets used to send commands to victim's computers instead of just sending them directly called a "botnet", right?

I don't think IRC is in any way secure by default. Almost all servers utilize communication through plaintext. Your ISP can snoop on the contents easily. All of your messages, in general, are unencrypted. You have to install addons to enable encrypted communications, if they're even done right. IRC admins can read your private messages as well. The vast majority of servers I've visited also expose your IP Address to everyone unless you're behind a proxy or VPN, so there's no real anonymity. Even the ones that partially mask your IP will show part of where you are.

For example: Random What's to stop them from cooperating with law enforcement? Or maybe you'll just click on a drive-by-download link Some people have a different definition of anonymity than me. Rory's definition is correct in the context of being anonymous to most people , but that's not the definition I subscribe to.

For me, anonymity is being anonymous to everyone , no matter what. How do you think people keep getting busted even though they're "behind 7 proxies"? Once you send text, whether it's encrypted or not, all law enforcement really needs to do is line up timestamps, even if it's encrypted. Lag delay? Yeah, that's very easy to account for. How can they do that? XKeyscore , Prism. They either don't care about you because you're a small fry who doesn't matter, or they're slowly building up a case to get you on maximum charges.

Or you're simply out of their jurisdiction, but they're still ready to pounce. I think part of the confusion here is jurisdiction. Jurisdiction can offer tremendous security if there's a refusal to co-operate. This is why many criminals may still be around after "getting caught. If you're in another country which refuses to cooperate with the law enforcement of another country, you might be safe from prosecution, but you'll probably still be indicted on charges.

So as long as you never enter that country Additionally - it has been around longer than most of the other messenger tools, so it is well understood, there are free clients for every platform, and there are millions of IRC instances on the Internet. Rory did a good job of answering the IRC part, but to answer the second part about botnets, it's not that IRC is or isn't secure. Botnets can actually be used for good, but what makes the news of course is the botnets that aren't used for good.

As Rory mentioned, IRC has been around for a very long time, is text-based so it is easy to write clients for it, and is easy to setup. It also allows for an enormous amount of bots to be controlled with relative ease.

Commands are executed by the bots on behalf of the bot owner. These commands can be sending spam, denial of service attacks, updating the client, looking for new devices to infect, and more. A server can be set up in 5 minutes, from open source projects On the other hand, as the other comments say, it is an insecure protocol.

A lot of chatters turn logging on and keep old chat logs forever. You can never know how many or who is logging. Also, there are hundreds of IRC servers open to the public. The botnet operators set up a channel on some medium-size IRC server and try not to get noticed by the IRC server operators, but their own connections are stored in the server logs, so if they connect to IRC using their own IP addresses, they're easy for law enforcement to track, even years later. XKeyscore is nothing more than a search tool for various data collections, which do not have the capacity to trace network hops.

Some time-based link correlation is possible, but in a general sense, a VPN gateway looks like a mess of TCP connections coming in and going out again, with no correlation between in links and out links, and no plaintext data.

Anyway, for most of the activity discussed here, the perpetrators expose their home IP addresses to the IRC server's connection log or in the chat channel, logged by other users at least once.

I connected two IRC clients to server over ssl and then tried to send plain text file using dcc. I captured packets and looked into them and definitely no plaintext has been send. The text file could not been extracted from packets. Revolution IRC. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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Do actual hackers really use IRC to communicate? Sep 9 '20 at Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. In addition to Rory's points Does true anonymity exist on IRC? Right now, true anonymity doesn't really exist on IRC.

But Mark Buffalo, I've never been caught! Maybe this "security" is actually a jurisdiction issue? Improve this answer. Mark Buffalo Mark Buffalo Well, to be fair, true anonymity doesn't exist period. Anonymity is the main one: you can use IRC servers anywhere, or set up your own, rather than be tied in to centralised messengers you don't need any personal data tied to your IRC account, so tracing you is next to impossible Any time you send commands directly, you are much more directly discoverable, whereas a botnet using IRC is next to impossible to trace back And for ease of use, it is entirely text based - so commands can be easily sent and received.

You make some good points. However, while anonymity in the context of being anonymous to most users is correct, a criminal should not expect to be completely anonymous to law enforcement while on IRC. OP is specifically talking about hackers and pirates, both of which frequently engage in illegal activity. What's a botnet? So what about commands? Some time-based link correlation is possible, but in a general sense, a VPN gateway looks like a mess of TCP connections coming in and going out again, with no correlation between in links and out links, and no plaintext data Anyway, for most of the activity discussed here, the perpetrators expose their home IP addresses to the IRC server's connection log or in the chat channel, logged by other users at least once.

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